Content Tabs & Sliders

Content Tabs (& Sliders) plugin allows you to easily and effortlessly add tabs and/or sliders to your content (articles)!

Tabs and sliders allows you to organize your articles better by creating groups of related content, thus giving the chance to users to view what is important to them. No more need to scroll up or down endlessly in order to find the desired section.


Use (for tabs):
{tabs type=tabs}
{tab title=Tab Title}Tab Content{/tab}

Use (for sliders):
{tabs type=sliders}
{tab title=Tab Title}Tab Content{/tab}

Latest version: 09.04.2011

– From now on, the version number changes to the release date

– Fixed a CSS issue when Joomla! was installed on a sub-folder
– Fixed a CSS issue when using images with “float” attributes
– Fixed an issue with sliders. Clicking on a slider no longer reloads the page (for Joomla! 1.6)
– Many options regarding customization have been added. Feel free to change the style of tab and sliders according to your needs
– Added the ability to have a specific tab or slider opened on page load. Just add &tab=x (or ?tab=x) to your URL, where x is the number of tab/slider you want to be opened.
– Added an option to collapse all sliders by default on page load (only for Joomla! 1.6)

Please upgrade to the new version of the plugin. Should you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact our team at:

Nested tabs/sliders are not supported yet.

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