Compojoom Comment

You have a comment to make? Make it today!

CompojoomComment a very simple, flexible, ease of use with great integration with 3rd party component, comment importing from numerous extensions including Disqus, and great templates for that professional look your organization is going after.


– Top of the line Documentation & Support
— Our subscribers get comprehensive documentation, fast and competent support!

– Ajax-based
— Comments are added on the fly without reloading the web page saving your server bandwidth and making you look cool cutting edge with the latest technology.

– Spam protection
— Beside our standard captcha image, BanIP and Censorship features we’ve now integrated Akismet and Recaptcha.

– Tightly integrated in JomSocial
— You can use JomSocial’s features such as User Points and Activity Stream. You can also use the comment system as a wall application in JomSocial.

– Over 16 integrations with many of the leading components and plugins on the market today. Many more to come!

– THREADED / Nested comments

– Multilanguage support
— We use UTF-8 to store all comments

– Mail, Website input
— Let your users input a little more information than just an username

– Import your old comments from other comment systems like AkoComment, jomcomment, JReaction, mxComment, YvComment and even WordPress

– UBB code support, image support, emoticon support, quote support

– Clean and professional templates
— 7 amazing templates out of the box. However if you are not satisfied with them and you have knowledge in HTML and CSS you are ready to go – you can make your new template in minutes!

– Avatar support & Gravatar support.
–Do you have Community Builder or JomSocial? Do you use Gravatar? on your web site? We support them out of the box! Now that is COOL!

– Allow comments per category or section

– Front-end comment moderation
— You don’t have to go to the backend for every operation. Comments can be deleted and edited in frontend!

– RSS-feed
— Readers will be able to subscribe to the discussion via RSS.

– E-Mail subscribe
— Do you hate RSS? Then you can subscribe to an article through e-mail option.

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