Community ACL by ‘corePHP’

In addition to standard ACL features, Community ACL goes one step further by letting you deny or grant access to your site based on very specific criteria; something you cannot do in Joomla by itself.

Let’s say, for example, that your site’s community is powered by Community Builder or JomSocial, and you want to restrict a type of user from accessing certain profile pages or even profile ‘types’ in your community. You can’t do that using the default ACL settings in Joomla. But you can certainly do it with Community ACL!

Maybe you want to restrict a type of user from accessing a JReviews product review or movie review; or perhaps you want to restrict your users from seeing a specific category of product reviews in JReviews. You guessed it. You cannot do that in Joomla..but its possible with Community ACL!

Look, there are a few other ACL components out there besides ours, but the dirty little secret is that these components hack the core of your Joomla system and make upgrading Joomla and all its modules & components a clunky, difficult process. What’s more, they make your site sluggish and unstable. What a nightmare!

You won’t have that problem with Community ACL. Our powerful, streamlined component is designed to merge perfectly with the framework for Joomla! 1.5 and future upgrades.

Community ACL is truly the most powerful Joomla access control extension available for Joomla!




  • Define Groups, Roles and Functions.
  • Synchronize with your other sites for faster administration!
  • Allow or Deny users access to your site by default.
  • Communicate between Community Builder and Community ACL.
  • Utilize Community ACL to restrict access for JomSocial.
  • Integrate ACL permissions with AEC subscriptions
  • Restrict Access to info in your Joomla Site Hierarchy.
  • Easily Customize Group Roles
  • Restrict user access to Joomla Components, Modules and Menus
  • Define Additional Features for User Groups
  • Create Unlimited Roles within Groups.
  • Define Role Access to Sections, Categories and Articles!
  • Define Additional Features for Roles
  • Restrict how your users interact with content.

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