Cerontek FBWidgets

Cerontek FBWidgets package contains all Facebook extensions for Joomla. These Joomla Facebook extensions are ideal for connecting your Joomla website to Facebook. It simple, easy to use and backed up by our quality support.

* Support (Beta) for Joomla 3.x

* Connect, Register & Login with your Facebook account


* All the Facebook Social Widgets Modules
Facebook Connect Module (Signup/Login with one button)
Facebook Login Module
Facebook Registration Module
Facebook Add a Friend Module
Facebook Request Dialog Module
Facebook Like Button Module
Facebook Like Box / Fan Box Module
Facebook Send Button Module
Facebook Send Dialog Module
Facebook Subscribe Button Module
Facebook Comments Module
Facebook Comments Plugin
Facebook Share Button Module
Facebook Friendpile Module
Facebook Like & Share Plugin
Facebook Recommendations Bar
Facebook Recommendations
Facebook Activity Feed Module
Facebook Shared Activity Module

* Live Demo for Joomla 3.x, 2.5 and 1.5

* Live Demos have Admin access so user can customize and checkout the changes

* Open Graph Integration.
Open Graph tags describe a page and gives Facebook information about the page such as the Site name, Title, Description & Image. This info is posted on user wall when he/she likes or shares content from your site.

– You can enable/disable Open Graph tags from the Component Admin.
– Open Graph tags are automatically integrated for the Like & Share plugin.

* Email Notification
You can get an email notification whenever a comment is posted on your site. It can be enabled or disabled from the component admin. You can specify multiple email addresses to send notifications to.

* Facebook Short Code support.
The Facebook Shortcodes allows you to use your User’s Facebook name, a Fan page name, Profile picture, Number comments on a particular page etc. in your Joomla articles, modules and inside your template code as well (for developers). Using this you can create powerful personalized messages, sales page and more.

* Multi-Language Support
It can load the Facebook library in all 77 Languages supported by Facebook.

* Video Tutorials

* Access to Priority Support Center for Members

* Easy and Simple Installation.
Installation instructions are included with the package. All component, modules & plugins can be installed using the standard Joomla installer.

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