CeltaWeb Traffic

CeltaWeb Traffic includes a component and module to count and display website traffic. It has been design specifically for Joomla 2.5 taking full advantage of the amazing inbuilt tools contained in the latest offering from Open Source Matters. It’s packed full of configuration options to help you seamlessly integrate it into your latest website project.

** Changes in version 0.1.0**
# -> This is a bug fix release.

*** Note: For the system to work you need both the component and module installed ***

** Component options and features **
View in list format all site visitors.
Filter and search visitors
Option to delete individual records
The option to asign Names and descriptions to known IP’s for easy tracking

** Module options and features **
Multiple Layouts
Preset counter
8 icon themes
The option to exclude bots
Turn on or off vistor IP
Turn on or off the date and time
Language selection for vistor info.
The option to exclude certain IP’s
Turn on or off visitor details such as web browser
Display options for today, yesterday, week, month and all
Adjustable lock time before it counts the visitor again
Automatic database clean-up option

** Languages **
English (United Kingdom) en-EN
Spanish (Spain) es-ES Thanks to Ana Puga Peralta anapugaperalta@gmail.com
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR Thanks to Giocondo Breno giocondobreno@hotmail.com
Italian (Italy) Thanks to Luca Caleffi


* Component *
Version 0.1.0 November 2012
! -> No changes

* Module *
Version 0.1.0 December 2012
# -> Fixed JDatabaseQuery error.

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
– -> Removed
! -> Note

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