Free screenshot LightShot Firefox addon

he most practical desktop tool for capturing selected area from the screen. Allows to save (supports *.PNG, *.JPG, *.GIF), upload to server, edit screenshot, search similar images, share screenshot via Twitter and Facebook.

Exceptionally practical desktop tool allows to screenshot selected area from the screen. Alt+T or PrtSc initiates a screenshot, you select area for screenshot and can perform further actions to Save it (supports *.PNG, *.JPG, *.GIF), upload to server (gives short URL to), edit screenshot online, share link via Twitter, Facebook, Digg. LightShot has easy-to-use interface and very intuitive.


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Firefox Mobile 10.0 Final

The mobile version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Take Firefox anywhere. Go from desktop to mobile without interruption.

Go from desktop to mobile without interruption. Firefox for Android is fast, easy to use and completely customizable. And it\’s built on the same great platform as our desktop version. So you can take your Firefox anywhere you go.

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Prevent Firefox from Hogging Memory When Minimized

In our latest browser speed tests, I half-heartedly complained that Firefox eats up memory over long periods of use. Our lovely, helpful commenters pointed out that there is, indeed, a tweak to help with that.

It’s important to note that this about:config tweak doesn’t actually change how Firefox uses (and hoards) memory over actual use. For the purposes of
user speed, then, it’s not much change. But while Windows can normally grab memory back from applications that are minimized, Firefox prevents that and keeps all the memory it acquired during your multi-tab wanderings—unless you enable this tweak, which some have claimed also makes Firefox scale down the big memory pile it had going upon re-focusing.

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What is Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Google Chrome. Its advantage is that is fast, faster than Internet Explorer, its security is very good, flagging lots of dangerous sites and blocking those sites from accessing your computer, the real good thing about it however, is that there are LOTS of add-ons for it, allowing you to completely customise Firefox, there are more add-ons for firefox than any other web browser, from ad-blockers to javascript-blockers, from toolbars to password rememberers, security add-ons, blogging add-ons, and much more! My favourite ones are No-Script, a way to stop javascript from operating, and therefore lots of viruses, ads and spyware on dangerous, or annoying sites, though you can allow the ones that are good such as videos and games.

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