How to cut (string) text after (x) amount of characters

You have long texts (string) and you want to display limited characters for introtext and readmore button to see details. Some time you see anywhere with questions like that:  40 down vote favorite 18       What’s the fastest way to trim a string to a specific number of characters, and append ‘…’ if needed? […]
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How have I moved Joomla website with more than 10 thousand articles to wordpress

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.  Alot of people to use Joomla to build his websites. WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which runs on a web hosting […]
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How to: Use Google+ Comments with WordPress

Comments are very important for blogs and help bloggers to get feedback from their readers. Comment system is the main source of interaction between the blogger and a visitor. The visitor can also be your customer and due to this reason, importance of a good commenting system can not be neglected. With the advancement in Social media, new features are being introduced on daily basis by Facebook as well as Google plus. Social media presence is very much important for blogs and social media networks are also contributing a lot towards blogging platform like WordPress and blogger.

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Google Panda Effect on WordPress – Causes and Solutions

If you are a blogger and spent time in the blogging industry then you must be well aware of Google algorithm changes including Google Panda and Penguin Updates. In the past few months, Google rolled Panda updates after every month but recently Matt Cutts announced that there will be no more announced Panda updates. It means that from now onward  Google Panda updates will be less noticeable to SEO companies and Forums.

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WordPress Malware Detection and Security Tips

Creation of blog is not a big deal these days but the problem is to maintain it.  A person having a Google account can easily start a new blog in minutes using blogger. But many people prefer WordPress for their blogging career.  Due to its user friendly interface, awesome plugins and customized themes, wordpress is gaining much popularity among new bloggers. The main problem which is faced these days by a lot of WordPress users is that wordpress blogs are more vulnerable to malwares and hacks. If you search on Google about wordpress hacks, you will see thousands of websites with different techniques about wordpress hacking. So, important point is to secure your wordpress blog before its hacked.

WordPress Malware Detection

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WordPress Trackback Tutorial

When used properly, trackbacks and pingbacks are an excellent way to build links and traffic to your blog, as well as building relationships with other bloggers.

What Is Trackback?

In layman’s terms, trackback is a way to notify a website when you publish an entry that references it.

When you send it a trackback, a link with a short excerpt of your entry will appear on the referenced website.

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