Page Speed: Leverage browser caching gtmetrix

What is browser caching? Every time a browser loads a webpage it has to download all the web files to properly display the page. This includes all the HTML, CSS, javascript and images. Some pages pages might only consist of a few files and be small in size – maybe a couple of kilobytes. For […]
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How to add google page rank checker function to your wordpress website

How to add google page rank checker function to your wordpress website PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. According to Google: PageRank […]
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10 Free Google Tools to Manage Your Music Career

Google is constantly developing nifty applications and technologies to enhance the way we communicate and work online.  Because Google survives on advertising revenues these products are all offered at the amazingly low low price of FREE.  As a musician in a rather competitive market, it’s important to know and use tools that increase the efficiency of your marketing, managing, and networking efforts.  The goal is less time pulling your hair out in front of the computer screen and more time making beautiful music!

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Top 10 Google Tools For Your Business

Google is mostly known for its search capabilities, but did you know there are many other services offered by Google – tools beyond Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube – and most are free? Check out the following excellent products that may help you to run your business more efficiently.

1. Google Gadgets

Gadgets are miniature objects that offer dynamic and fun content that can be placed on any website. You will find handy tools such as to-do lists, currency converters, calendars, calculators, weather forecast, world clocks and thousands more. The gadgets are divided into categories including News, Tool

s, Communication, Technology, Fun and Games, Finance, Sport and Lifestyle. For more information, go to Google Gadgets for Your Webpage.

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how to use scrapebox get high quality pagerank backlinks

how to use scrapebox get high quality pagerank backlinks

“Do you need More Money, More Time, More Links, More Data”

I will get to the point, Time is Money. We can’t create more hours in a day, BUT we can Automate Tasks so they take minutes rather than hours so we can get more done. For a limited time i’m offering you the chance to grab My Personal Tool called ScrapeBox. How would you like to…

Scrape, Check, Ping, Post

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Google disavow links tool today: webmasters tool allow you to remove spam links

Matt Cutts today announced the Google disavow links tool today.

This is good news for webmasters as this tool will now allow you to remove spam links. If you site has been spammed by thousand of spam link backs or if you’ve been a victim of negative SEO you can use this tool to tell Google not to take them into account while accessing your site. You can read the official announcement here.

The tool is very simple to you and is available in the Google Webmaster Tools account. All you need to do is download the links pointing to your site and then look for spammy links within the list. Once you’ve identified the spammy links, use the disavow tools page to disavow links.


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Back Link Checker – best SEO sofftware

Back Link Checker application generates backlink website analysis report

provides back link checker software which is best SEO tool for monitoring your website backlinks on various publishers’ website with options to send email reports and notification at user id if links are broken or removed. Software can be used easily with option to monitor website traffic towards your site in real time. Link popularity tool provides facility to create or update website profiles time by time when required for improving visibility on search engines.

Backlink checker is reliable and affordable solution for peoples who want to monitor their website in low costs without hiring professionals with advance supports of back link status analysis which provides information about quality of website and ranking on World Wide Web.


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Weblinks Status Analyzer Lite – Free SEO software

Web project links and keywords analyzer. Supports 7 search engines.

You will be always informed about status of your web project. SEO tool WebLinks Status Analyzer Lite manage project links and keywords. Supports 7 search engines: Google, MSN, Yahoo, Altavista, AOL, AllTheWeb, Lycos. Program finds all internal, external and back links for project. Programs can also finds keywords positions for project in all search engines above. You will gain or necessary information about success of your project, which helps you improve position of your project in search engines.

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SEO Elite Review | SEO Elite Software

Search Engine Optimization Software Product that gets you top Google rankings

Search Engine Optimization Software Product that allows you to: Get indexed rapidly, Get onto page 1 of Google, Get a higher page rank, Get as many high quality one way links as you want, Get as much FREE targeted traffic as you want, Get as many leads and opt-ins on your mailing list as you want, Get all the name branding and recognition that you want, and much more!


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SEO Studio: Link popularity and advanced search engine optimization, promotion, submission

Link popularity and advanced search engine optimization, promotion, submission

SEO Studio helps website owners and SEO consultants achieve higher search engine ranking. Build lasting link popularity with Links Plus+ a reciprocal link partner search, analysis and management tool. Discover how your competitors achieve high search engine rankings by automatically finding their inbound link partners on all of the major search engines: Google, MSN, Yahoo, and many others.


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