RT Kirigami phpBB3 Style

Kirigami, the September 2012 phpBB3 club style release, is the first responsive RocketTheme phpBB3 style, built in conjuction with the RokBB3. A responsive design adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop or mobile, without the need for separate layouts for varying platforms.

The next generation layout and structure compliments the beautiful and intricate design of the style, with many features such as Headlines and Tabs, and others.

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RT Ximenia phpBB3 Style

Ximenia, the August 2012 phpBB3 style club release, is an elegant, subtle and conservative design, very customizable, with soft tones and shapes to bring focus to your content. The theme is perfect for any corporate-type site that prefers a more moderate, but still visually luring appearance.

An assortment of core RocketTheme Extensions, such as RokBB3, Tabs, Headlines and its multiple settings, have template based styling to apply integrated visuals for the additional functionality offered.


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RT Fresco phpBB3 Style

Fresco, the July 2012 phpBB3 club release, is a visually rich design, with each style variation being truly unique with acute attention to detail. The design brings life to your content, creating a positive user experience for visitors.

The style has support for beautiful integrated styling for varying modules, amongst other features, such as the RokBB3.


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RT Voxel phpBB3 Style

Voxel, the June 2012 phpBB3 club style release, is a magazine orientated design. Its elegant and engaging style provides a rich back-drop to your site content. Feature packed layout provides a powerful mechanism to easily show content, in a dynamic fashion.

The style has support for various extensions, as well as a beautifully styled menu, amongst other features, such as the RokBB3.

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RT Diametric phpBB3 Style

Diametric, the May 2012 phpBB3 club release, is a beautifully layered style, with a distinct panel-based design, using the powerful ColorChooser system. The template has integrated styling for a range of popular RocketTheme interfaces, such as RokTabs, RokNewspager, RokNewsFlash, allowing for maximum visual and structural flexibility.

Built on the RokBB3, Diametric has a powerful core supporting versatile and functional features; in addition to standard elements such as the different forum layouts.


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RT Ionosphere phpBB3 Style

Ionosphere, the April 2012 phpBB3 Club style release, is an incredibly versatile phpBB3 style that places the artist’s palette in your hands, through our most comprehensive Color Chooser system to date.

The color selection system is completely dynamic, with just a few color choices, the template calculates the appropriate tone; in conjunction with background pattern parameters.


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RT Clarion phpBB3 Style

Clarion, the March 2012 phpBB3 club release, is a subtle style, primed for business use or as a platform for extensive individual customization.

Compatible with newest RokBB3, Clarion has a range of powerful, flexible and intuitive features and functions including Color Chooser based imagesets. Refreshed administrative interface offers a user friendly control panel for intricately customizing the template layouts.

Clarion has styled support for a variety of RocketTheme Addons, such as RokNewsPager, RokTabs.

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RT Halcyon phpBB3 Style

Halcyon, the February 2012 phpBB3 club release, is elegant and subtle, reflecting a conservative design direction, perfect for deployment on a professionally or commercially orientated forum, or as an excellent platform for extensive and individual customization.

The template has integrated styling for RokTabs and RokNewsPager. Halcyon is based on the RokBB3 Administration Module, providing ready access to its rich feature set such as an extensive administrator interface.


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RT Visage phpBB3 Style

Visage, the January 2012 phpBB3 club release, is a contemporary blending of stunning, refined visuals, combined with a polished and powerful undertone, providing a unique look that is flexible and intuitive to use. The foundational RokBB3 Administration Module creates a base template rich with features, such as the fluid width, configurable modules, amongst many others.

Visage has integrated styled support for RokTabs, providing consistent and stunning appearance..


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RT Enigma phpBB3 Style

Enigma, the December 2011 phpBB3 club release, is a design-centric theme without compromising on elegance. The subtle textures and patterns are perfect complimentary elements.

Enigma has a beautiful selection of 8 preset styles, each individually detailed with elegant textures and other graphical elements, producing an artistic and refined design.

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