RT Halcyon phpBB3 Style

Halcyon, the February 2012 phpBB3 club release, is elegant and subtle, reflecting a conservative design direction, perfect for deployment on a professionally or commercially orientated forum, or as an excellent platform for extensive and individual customization.

The template has integrated styling for RokTabs and RokNewsPager. Halcyon is based on the RokBB3 Administration Module, providing ready access to its rich feature set such as an extensive administrator interface.


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RT Visage phpBB3 Style

Visage, the January 2012 phpBB3 club release, is a contemporary blending of stunning, refined visuals, combined with a polished and powerful undertone, providing a unique look that is flexible and intuitive to use. The foundational RokBB3 Administration Module creates a base template rich with features, such as the fluid width, configurable modules, amongst many others.

Visage has integrated styled support for RokTabs, providing consistent and stunning appearance..


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RT Enigma phpBB3 Style

Enigma, the December 2011 phpBB3 club release, is a design-centric theme without compromising on elegance. The subtle textures and patterns are perfect complimentary elements.

Enigma has a beautiful selection of 8 preset styles, each individually detailed with elegant textures and other graphical elements, producing an artistic and refined design.

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RT Momentum phpBB3 Style

Momentum, the November 2011 phpBB3 club release, combines an intricate graphical design with RokTabs and RokNewspager module display environment , also a full scale background image, configurable via the RokBB3 phpBB3 administrative interfaces.

Modules are elegantly styled and featured. Additionally, the standard selection of features, such as the Color Chooser and layout settings are also present.

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Radiance phpBB3 Style

Radiance, the October 2011 phpBB3 club release, features an advanced Color Chooser setup, supporting a Background option, allowing you to specif your own background image, alongside the standard array of color options.

The style’s stylistic versatility rests on a foundation of other features, with integrated styling for RokTabs, as well as the RokBB3, different forum layouts and more.


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Camber phpBB3 Style

Camber, the September 2011 phpBB3 club release, features Color Chooser stylistic controls, allowing you to easily and swiftly modify the color scheme of the style in just a few steps. Select from an assortment of 15 presets with varying colors, overlays and patterns.

The template includes the latest version of the RokBB3 administration module, which provides such features as customizing extensions options, Google Web Fonts, Loading Transition and others…


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