Cat Filters – Virtuemart search tool

Cat Filters

Cat Filters is a Virtuemart search tool that consists of a search module and a search component.

How it Works

Suppose that each product has been assigned to multiple categories that correspond to specific attributes. Cat filters gives the oportunity to the end user to search products selecting multiple categories. For example a filter named “Type” consists of the categories: T-shirts, Coats, Blouses, a filter named “Occasion: consists of categories: Formal, Casual, Sport. The end user could get the desired results combining those 2 filters.

CatFilters is offering another great feature, the creation of Range Filters. You can create Ranges for Prices , Dimensions and Weights.

Plus to these is also offering Manufacturer filtering , Keywords search and custom Price filtering (From,To). All these could be combined together or can be used separately.



  • Create Category Filters. Category Filters are filters that consist from grouped Categories. (example-> Category Filter: Age , Categories: Teens , Adults , Elder).
  • Ability to use category dependencies. So after selecting a category to get it’s sub categories for unlimited depth. (Using the progressive categories filter)
  • Create Range Filters . You can create Ranges For :Price, Weight, Width, Height and Length.
  • Custom price search using textfields (From, To).
  • Manufacturers Filter.
  • Keywords search. Text search
  • Filters display configuration (Drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, links)
  • Set which filtering options you want to display(categoryFilters ,Range Filters, Manufacturers, Price,keywords search). Also select the filters you want to display and crate different instances of the module.
  • We now offer Trends for free as a built in tool. Trends is a High Level Statistic Tool that tracks the visitors trends. It is very usefull to create your visitors profile from their searches. Trends is a tool that offers statistic data presented in interactive diagrams.
  • The most complete Price filtering ever developed as it works with every VM setting including Shopper Groups Discounts, multiple Prices, multiple Currencies and multiple Product Prices.
  • Very Fast searching algorithm.
  • Configuration of the Results Page display and functionality (Sorting Param, Products Found param, Pagination param).
  • 100% CSS – HTML valid search module
  • No Hacks to the VM component as other filtering extensions do.

Current version 1.6.6

English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Greek, Romanian, Ukranian, Brazilian

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