Candy Clouds



Windy clouds, hanging logo and falling snow. It looks more beautiful the more you spend time on it.

Play With CSS Animations

Candy Clouds uses CSS3 animation to achieve it’s awe-inspiring view. (Best in Webkit browsers – Chrome/Chromium/Safari).

CSS3 animation classes are added in style.css and more animation classes can be added from Dan Eden’s Project.

Key Features

  • Clean layout.
  • Responsive and fluid design, works on any device.
  • CSS3 animations.
  • Built on rock-solid Bootstrap framework.
  • jQuery library to handle interactivity
  • Canvas image conversion to improve PNG animation performance (new browsers)

Looks Awesome In

  • Chrome/Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • IE
  • iOS
  • Android

Solid FallBack Support

Even if the animations fail, this piece of ingenious work is designed to look good on browsers that dont show CSS3 animations. Even if you don’t get CSS3 transitions, you still have jQuery JavaScript animation that works on almost any browser.

Even IE6 Behaves


  • If you have any queries or require a custom build… contact me.
  • I will release a new version containing your requirements on Bootstrap.

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