Can You Guarantee My Search Engine Rankings?

No search engine optimization company can guarantee where your site will appear in the natural search engine results; they can guarantee placement in the Sponsored Listings using Google’s Adwords or Yahoo’s Search Marketing products because you are paying for placement. This is not search engine marketing where your site earns high organic rankings by having good, keyword-rich content and a link building campaign. It’s important that you know the difference.


From the pages of Google: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEO’s that claim to guarantee rankings.”
– Google’s SEO Tips

So it seems no one can guarantee any ranking in any search engine even us, as good as we are. As a search engine optimization firm, we can guarantee our effort for the search engine optimization services we offer and we can guarantee to be ethical in what we do and honest in our work. Our results are our guarantee that we have had great success with search engine optimization.

Our client’s high rankings represent another guarantee that we will provide you the same high standards of work that we used to create their success. Take a look at some of their results that are updated regularly as a part of their Case Studies in the Our Portfolio section.

The Only Guarantee in the SEO Industry?
There Are No Guarantees!

Beware of guarantees that are impossible to make good on. No one can guarantee your keywords will get a top 10 ranking in all the major search engines. No one can guarantee a #1 ranking. If you see any guarantees of this kind being made it is time to start looking for another SEO firm.

So, if placement guarantees are hard to live up to how do some SEO companies get away with making these promises? Well, one way in which an SEO firm can say this is because they are using Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) which are pay-per-click engines. Here you bid on having your site listed at the top of the “Sponsored Matches” and when a visitor clicks on your link from the search engine you have to pay for it. SEO firms may also target little-used or very obscure keyword phrases that have very few search results for your site to compete against. An easy win for them can a big loss for you if none of your target audience uses the phrase to find your site.

You Can’t Control the Search Engines

Here is the bottom line as to why no on can guarantee results: We (search engine marketing professionals) do not own or control the search engines.  As a matter of fact, the search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and MSN keep their ranking algorithms closely guarded to keep anyone from cheating the system. Throw in the fact they are constantly evolving these ranking criteria to stay ahead of the SEO companies using unethical methods and you can see how impossible it is to issue a ranking guarantee. The search engines want to give top rankings to websites that are the best match for the search being done, not the websites that are able to best cheat the system.

If you tell your search engine marketing company you want a #1 ranking, they cannot guarantee you that result. They can recommend changes to your site and suggest actions to increase the possibility of ranking higher, but they should not guarantee it.

What Can a Search Engine Marketing Firm Do?

Since we do not offer you any ranking guarantees what can we do for you? We can assure you that we will work to give you good rankings across the many search engines and directories for your search terms (and other targeted keywords you probably didn’t think of). We will always strive to give you the best results. After all, your success is our success and we will never forget that.

Our approach to Internet marketing has been successful for our clients and ourselves. Our client’s search engine results speak for themselves. We promise to deliver results. We do things a little differently than most other SEO firms and we feel this gives us an advantage to help you have an advantage. Take a look at what makes us different.

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