Calculator Generator

Calculator Generator is a site where you can build your own custom calculator module for Joomla!

No need to know any PHP, HTML or CSS, just type some text and click some buttons to download a ready to install tiny module prepared specifically for you.
You won’t be asked to install a huge package of component, modules and plugins only to configure a small box on your site. All configurations are made in the genarator, so you will recieve a clean module, which will do only the tasks you wanted it to do.


Working with the generator is easy and it’s well documented. The site offers a step-by-step tutorial (building a BMI calculator) and a lot of demo calculators, quizzes and converters:
– Days Converter
– Unit Converter
– Day of the Week Calculator
– Coin Flipping
– How Many Days Until/Since Calculator
– Your Next Birthday Calculator
– IQ test
– Political Quiz
– Price Calculator
– Zodiac Ovulation Calculator
If you prefer, you can download one of the demos right away and modify the module itself to fit your own needs.
The generated module is perfectly structured with separate language, css, view and controller files. It’s easy to translate it and customize its appearance.

The service is free and your module will contain no ads. Please, rate it if you like it.

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