BuaXua Floating

Mod_buaxua_floating is a simple and free module for Joomla!, it can shows any module Menu, Banner, Images, Custom HTML,…) with floating.


Features :
– Floating any module (Menu, Banner, images, Custom HTML,…).
– Selectable floating position (top, center, bottom)
– Selectable module position to float.
– float left, right or both sides.
– Auto centered.
– Adjustable width and positions.
– Adjustable speed/Stop floating.
– Auto Show/Hide.
– Custom CSS.

* Upgrade:
– Ver 2.5.0v1 – Adding: Selectable floating position (top, center, bottom)
– Ver 1.7.2 – Adding: Adjustable speed/Stop floating, custom CSS.
– Ver 1.6.1 – Adding multi-language support for translation (English and Vietnam has been supported)

Note: This Module only display on widescreen monitor or when the width of the browser window larger than the width of the page with two banner (You can change settings in the Module Options).

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