Breadcrumbs Manager

Breadcrumbs Manager is a Joomla breadcrumbs management system. It allows you to fully control the breadcrumbs in your pages. Joomla does not currently provide a way for an administrator/manager to do that without changing the Joomla core files.

Breadcrumbs Manager is appropriate for both simple and compex web sites.


* define how your breadcrumbs are assembled using one or more patterns
* define different patterns for different sections of your site
* reuse the default breadcrumbs set by Joomla (or any third-party component)
* set default starting and ending of the breadcrumbs (used for every page)
* use any breadcrumbs module you like (including the core Joomla module)


You can control the breadcrumbs by choosing what items(text+link) are present and how those items are ordered. This is called a “breadcrumbs pattern”. There are some built-in breadcrumbs items you can include in a pattern. You can also easily define your own items in a simple and intuitive way.

Built-in breadcrumbs items include:

* current article
* current category (links to category blog)
* current section (links to section blog)
* current menu item (links to the menu)
* current menu path
* name of the web site (links to the home page)
* default Joomla breadcrumbs

You can define your custom breadcrumbs parts using:

* Text
* SQL query
* PHP script
* Joomla context (combines some Joomla-specific text(name of current category, section, etc.) with a link you define)

Example custom item definitions:

* by Text – “My Company,” – will resolve to “My Company” part of the breadcrumbs which links to the specified address.
* by SQL – “SELECT title AS label FROM #__polls WHERE id = [request:id]” – will resolve to the title of the current poll when displaying the poll results page. You can specify link separately.
* by PHP – “return new BreadcrumbsItemValue(‘My Item’, ‘’);” – will resolve to a breadcrumbs part labeled “My Item” which links to Google.


User Manual is available from our web site.


Breadcrumbs Manager does not come with a breadcrumbs module – it uses low-level Joomla breadcrumbs functionality to modify the breadcrumbs so you can use any breadcrumbs module you like(core breadcrumbs module included). The module will work with Breadcrumbs Manager as long as it uses the standard Joomla way of getting breadcrumbs.

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