Bootstrap Real Estate

Bootstrap Real Estate is a professional template for selling properties. It’s also very easy to change the images of this template to transform it into a hotel website, car selling website or even a local classified website. It’s designed entirely using Bootstrap. It’s compatible with any of the themes from You can also easily add and remove components as it’s based on the Bootstrap framework.

The theme also makes use of a carousel plugin and also uses google maps API to show locations. If you want to make your own real estate website, there’s little else you could want.

Goodies included

  • Dropdown login and registration boxes
  • Google maps integration with custom bootstrap tooltips
  • Integrated carousel
  • Integrated Super sexy iOS style badges (Badger)
  • Integrated simple notification system (Sticky)


  • Home page
  • Property listings
  • Property map
  • Property profile
  • Property comparison
  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Typography


  • Compatible with Bootstrap 2.0.x
  • Uses Bootstrap 2.0.4
  • Included LESS files to easily change colours
  • Written in valid HTML5 that makes good use of proper semantics
  • Theme modifications are stored in a separate CSS stylesheet to make upgrading easy
  • Includes jQuery 1.7.1 and the plugins portamento, aw-showcase, badger, sticky


  • Firefox 4+
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest Safari
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Opera 11


  • Bootstrap Twitter –
  • Bootswatch –
  • jQuery –
  • Sticky –
  • Badger –
  • Awkward Showcase –
  • Portamento –
  • Images taken from and
  • Property images taken from and

Don’t forget! Because you’re using a theme built with Twitter Bootstrap, you get access to everything in the Bootstrap component library and ecosystem. This makes Bootstrap Real Estate an excellent choice for your next project.

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