Bootstrap Job Board

Bootstrap Job Board

Are you someone who wants to have your own job board, but doesn’t want a heavy bloated system entangled with code that you don’t understand? This theme contains all the pages and styles you need to create your own simple to use, good looking and user friendly job board.

* Bootstrap Job Board
* Version: 1.0 from 16th Feb 2013
* Author: appman


The Bootstrap Job Board theme contains all the pages required for a job board. There are pages for you to post a job, allow users to upload CVs, view jobs, view applicants, edit jobs and more. It even includes dashboard pages for recruiter accounts help manage their applicants. All pages are designed for simplicity for both employers and employees.

For those of you who wants to use existing scripts, the structure of the theme maintains a similarity to popular availiable job boards scripts, such as jobberbase and WP jobroller.

It’s also compatible with all bootswatch themes (, therefore making it really easy to add your own swatches. We’ve included the LESS files – making it very easy to change. You can also easily add and remove components as it’s 100% based on the bootstrap framework.

Home page with search form Job listings A page to post a job View job details and upload CV Dashboard Edit listings Edit job post View applicants Edit profile …and also typography page so you can easily use the premade styles

Compatible with Bootstrap 2.2.x
Uses Bootstrap 2.2.3
Written in valid HTML5 that makes good use of proper semantics
Theme modifications are stored in a separate CSS stylesheet to make upgrading easy
View the layout without styles to see the well-formed, bare markup
Includes jQuery v1.8.3, jQuery UI v1.9.2

Tested browsers

Firefox 18+
Latest Chrome
Latest Safari
Internet Explorer 8+
Opera 11


Bootstrap Twitter –
Bootswatch –
jQuery –
Font Awesome –


If you have any problems please contact us at

To change the theme colours locate the following line in the head section of the html files Then replace “job_blue” with one of the following ‘amelia’, ‘cerulean’, ‘cosmo’, ‘cyborg’, ‘default’, ‘job_clean’, ‘journal’, ‘readable’, ‘simplex’, ‘slate’, ‘spacelab’, ‘spruce’, ‘superhero’, ‘united’

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