Boost Landing/Launch Page Template

There is no doubt that your landing page plays a critical role in converting visitors into customers. It can make or break a potential sale. With that in mind, the Boost template is designed for the promotion of awesome web applications, iOS/Android apps, SAAS, and more.

If you take it for a spin, you’ll see that special attention has been paid to organizing the information in a logical hierarchy, placing two call-to-action buttons (one above the fold and one below the fold of the page), and also typography (allowing the user to either quickly scan the key points or easily read through more dense information).

Boost has eight sections including: a custom navigation bar with a text-based logo to the left, an introduction (above the fold), a “How it Works” or “Features” section, a product image section, a testimonial section, a pricing section (with pricing tables), a dedicated “Sign Up” section, a social media bar, and a small footer. Also, above each section, there is a progress bar that shows the user exactly where they are along on the page. Plus, it works in all modern browsers and is ready-to-go.

Ultimately, the aim here was to create a usable landing page for designers (to modify) and for customers (to understand).

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