BarackSlideshow is a very tiny and lightweight slideshow script, that takes the power of MorphList to enhance visualization and navigation of the images.

With a markup like this:



BarackSlideshow is initialized as follows:

  1. window.addEvent('domready', function(){ 
  2.     new BarackSlideshow('menu', 'pictures', 'loading', {transition: 'slide-left', auto: true}); 
  3. });


  • transition (defaults to ‘fade’) Can be ‘slide-left’, ‘slide-right’, ‘slide-top’, ‘slide-bottom’, ‘fade’
  • auto (defaults to false) Whether to move from image to image automatically
  • autostart (defaults to false) Whether to start slideshow automatically upon initialization
  • autointerval (defaults to 2000) Interval time from image to image in ms
  • tween (defaults to {duration: 700}) Options to pass to MooTools Fx.Tween, which takes care of image transitions.


  • 0.1: First release
  • 0.2:
    • Added ‘transition’ option. Can be slide-(bottom|top|left|right) or fade, or a function that returns any of those values
    • Added ‘tween’ to options to customize the transition effect
    • BarackSlideshow::show now also alters the menu state
    • Other tiny changes
  • 0.3: Integrated with the updated Fx.MorphList

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