Autostand is an extension, capable of managing different types of vehicles. With Autostand you can create a website to show cars, bikes, boats, or any other “product”. Now with Paypal integration: Pay-to-Submit, you can control access to cars, and allow users to submit the cars by frontend for free, or after payment of the fee. The cars will be published in the frontend if approved by admin or when the payment is confirmed using Paypal. The pack includes the component, and modules.



Some of the features of Autostand:
#Pay-To-Submit(using Paypal)
#Multiple Categories & Sub-category
#Frontend Managment
#Create your own extras and characteristics
#Select the options available in search or category
#Facebook integration (Like&Share button)
#Additional extras with image
#Import/Export cars and images to .csv
#Makes and Model (90 Makes&380 models)
#Vendor details
#Video upload
#Image resize
#Additional Files (Ex. worksheets; Car Manuals,etc)
#Set diferent image size for each car
#Assign diferent templates for category and/or car
#Set how many cars/rows show by page
#Image for category
#Image/logo in manufacturers
#Labels (Ex. New, Used)
#Watermark with the label image
#reCAPTHA form validation

Autostand Team

New version (3.3.0) update:
* Pay-To-Submit
* Facebook like&Share (New style template)
* Option to download aditional files for register users (ex: car datasheet)
* Aditional field in contact form – Phone
* CSS correction (New style Template)
* New fields for import/export
* Missing language items
* Update JQuery 1.7.2 (latest version)
* Update galery slideshow
* General Bug correction

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