Automatically Generated Menu

The main purpose of the mod is to generate a menu contents automatically, by displaying links to all articles in the chosen section or category.

So when you add a new article, you don’t have to link it to menu manually – the menu automatically displays the link.

Categories in the chosen section may work as headings/separators among menus if generated from section.

The new version has some new options – biggest change is you can generate the menu from category (previous version generated only from section). You can hide the category names or you may have them clickable to show category contents. You can also hide the article links and show just the category list. You can set the maximum amount of articles to display.

The mod is quite light-weight and also offers a basic possibility to customize the output.

This new 2.0 version has many advantages, I tried to include all the requests I got from you, Joomla fans, so hope you will be satisfied now 😉

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