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AIB – Author Info Box

Display important information about the author above or underneath the article in an author info box!

The plugin shows the following information: name, image (avatar), website, email address and description (about me). The author information are optional and can be activated in all possible variations. They are obtained from several sources: the name and e-mail address from the normal user profile, website and description accessing data from the Joomla! “User – Profile plugin” (Fields: Website and About me) or the JomSocial / Kunena profile. The image is loaded from the Gravatar service ( or the JomSocial / Kunena profile.

The complete output is defined by the included CSS file. The box should be adjusted to the own template using this CSS file!


* Author Info Box – show information about the authors
* All fields are optional
* Individual titles for the box and the description text of the author
* Data are loaded from: Joomla! Profile Plugin, JomSocial, Kunena and Gravatar
* Name – real name or username
* Email Address – protected with the cloak functionality of Joomla! or in plain text
* Description – short text about the author – is loaded from the “User – Profile” plugin or the JomSocial / Kunena profile
* Website – is loaded from the “User – Profile” Plugin or the JomSocial / Kunena profile
*Image of the author – Avatar – is loaded from Gravatar (free registration at needed) or the JomSocial / Kunena profile


* Info box positon – before or after the articles
* Article view – authorbox can be limited to the article view
* The triggering of the plugin can be controlled by IDs of the articles
* Languages: English and German


Joomla! 2.5 –


The extension is completely free.
You need a subscription for support from the developer:
Support from other users is free:

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