Aurora – One template, unlimited possibilities

Aurora is our most configurable and dynamic template yet! We have made it stupidly simple to customize almost every element of the template and it has 88 super slick backgrounds to choose from!

Aurora is a truly transparent template! Choose from one of our many pre-designed styles and instantly customize the look and feel of your site! We have also given you full control on how your background should display. Not only are there stunning graphics to choose from, but also vector styles, patterns and more! The coolest part is you do not have to get your hands dirty and edit any php or html. You can make all of these changes from the backend via a component. Nobody else offers this feature, we looked!



The available background options include:

You can either use one of our pre-designed, colorful and vibrant backgrounds, or one of the included tiled backgrounds. Feeling really creative? That’s fine, you can create one of your own using the brand new Tatami component. Log into your admin area and change almost every single conceivable setting from a easy to use component interface. No more slogging around in complicated HTML files, or figuring out PHP. Click, click, save. This template is massively configurable and makes it a snap customize the look and feel of your site.

The wolf in sheeps clothing!
Aurora has hundreds of different configuration options. Almost everything you see in the template can easily be configured by clicking a button in the Tatami component. This is where the true power of Aurora lies.

Why we made Aurora so configurable
One of the biggest challenges we set for ourselves with Aurora, was to make it incredibly easy for anyone to customize it in a way that if we saw it on the web, it would look so different that we would not recognize it. We feel that we have achieved this and the mass of colorful and vibrant backgrounds are just one of the many ways you can make the template your own, in the simplest way possible. If thats not good enough, we gave you a component to edit it even further! Checkout the video we made to show you exactly how simple it really is.

Aurora also has all the things you’ve come to expect from us:

  • Component level configurable sidebar (default = left + content, blog = content + right, etc).
  • Mix and Match Module Suffixes Plus you can apply the various opacity options to any module that has “module suffix” support.
  • Out of box install
  • 5 normal & 2 intelli module positions (expanding up to 10) giving you a total of 15 module positions!
  • Fully xhtml & css validated and compliant.
  • 4 Level Superfish Menu System
  • Multiple layout options (on a component level)
  • Detailed style guide with tutorials coming soon on how to use most effectively!
  • Semantic markup / seperation of presentation and content
  • Super comprehensive setup guide
  • Template Source included
  • Fully compatible IE6, IE7, Safari 2, Firefox 1.5+ (mac +win), Opera

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