Arundo – Premium Prestashop Theme

“Arundo” is a great solution for small and medium businesses. Due to compact, modern and stylish design as well as “Theme settings” module embedded tool.

Read the online documentation to learn more about Arundo:

Version 1.7 available. Look at changelog below


Themes Features

Demo Back office

Email Templates

Theme Appearance

Customizable Layout




Upgrade Prestashop to 1.5


More Features:

Stylish and clean design

The ability to upload your own background and choose its position

Scroll to top button

Beautifully made tooltip

Simple buttons customization

Manage the style of the text in back office

The theme is translated into 5 languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian

One page & guest checkout

Full documentation

Additional Modules

Elastic Slideshow

Nivo Slider

Block share

Product Carousel

Bestsellers Carousel

Manufacturers Carousel

Custom Links

Links block in footer

My account block in footer

Facebook Like Box

twitter Widget

Theme Settings

Social Networks

BlockAdvertising Extended (as slider)

Improved default modules




Top sellers (now as carousel)

Featured Products (now as carousel)

Related Products (now as carousel)

Demo Back office


You can look at all opportunities of “Theme Settings” module in our back office.

Go to this link:

Use following account: E-mail address: Password: demotest

Click to the “Theme Settings” icon, and you will get access to all options which you can apply in this theme

Email Templates


We are changed design of all 31 email templates and now they are looks the same as your shop. Just look at screenshot below and you will see great difference between your old templates and new.



You can create your own style for your e-shop without any knowledge of WEB technologies. It will take less than one minute.

You can choose the background, color, font for your shop in two clicks. There is an unlimited number of colors for each of these elements.

In order to make your store more original and distinctive, use one of 24 ready-made patterns for your background.


Live Logo Creation


There is a function of creating a logo directly on the site. Choose from over 500 fonts, make it the right size and your logo is ready. Also, you may use an already existing logo. Just specify the style of the logo as an image or as text.

You can easily change the font of headers and the body text.


Animated “add to cart” process


In the version 1.3 of Arundo theme has been added new features 1. animated add to cart process with page scrolling. 2. Products are displayed in the cart with an image of product


Homepage Sliders


This layout offers 2 types of sliders. “Nivo slider” provides an eye-catching way to showcase your featured content. And “Elastic slideshow” allows you to showcase your products with a small description, title and “More” button.


Customizable layout


This layout has a simple yet essential option, not available in PrestaShop. You can change the view of products as a list or as grid. This option available as for your visitors as for you in the back office. The grid view also can be customized. You can choose small or big images of products.


You can use default prestashop carousel with product preview or improved carousel with zoom effect.


Variants of Arundo theme


The modern design allows you to use the theme for every kind of online shops: electronics, clothes, furniture, food store and so on.



Here is a small portion of shops created with our Arundo theme. Look at full showcase in our website



Quality support in shortest time.


If you have any questions related to the layout, you can always leave a message on our support forum and get competent advice as soon as possible.



“Arundo” supports PrestaShop versions from to 1.5.2 There’s NO modifications in core files.

Arundo is compatible with all major browsers:



IE 8 , IE 9 +





Don’t forget to update your theme! Download the .zip package from your themeforest account and replace the old files with the new ones provided. All new(fixed) files also locating in Updates directory for quick access to them.

Upgrade from PrestaShop 1.4 to 1.5


You can read about upgrade from PrestaShop 1.4 to 1.5 in our blog

If you want to buy theme for Prestashop 1.5 platform, you should to know one important thing. The theme should be created on the basis of the default theme of Prestashop 1.5. The theme can’t be compatible with 1.4 and 1.5 at the same time.



V1.7 08-12-2012

Improvements :

– added mails templates

– fancybox added to product textures

Fixed bugs :

– issue with add new links in “custom links” module

– issue with add new links in “blocklinkfooter” module

– small visual issues at product page.

List of files to update:

all files from “updates/1.7” folder

V1.6 14-11-2012

Fixed bugs :

– issue with SSL in twitter and facebook module

– issue with checkboxes

List of files to update:

all files from “updates/1.6” folder

V1.5 12-11-2012

Improvements :

– Removed queries from database for all products

– Added ajax.php file for ajax queries from theme

– Improved page speed loading

Fixed bugs:

– classic product carousel

– product page view

– IE font issue

List of files to update:

– updates/1.5/modules/eislideshow/css/eislideshow.css

– updates/1.5/modules/eislideshow/eislideshow.php

– updates/1.5/modules/themesettings/css/themesettings.css

– updates/1.5/modules/themesettings/images/patterns/commom_img.gif

– updates/1.5/modules/themesettings/js/impromtu.js

– updates/1.5/modules/themesettings/ajax.php

– updates/1.5/modules/themesettings/themesettings.php

– updates/1.5/themes/arundo/css/global.css

– updates/1.5/themes/arundo/css/grid_prestashop.css

– updates/1.5/themes/arundo/css/product.css

– updates/1.5/themes/arundo/js/product.js

– updates/1.5/themes/arundo/header.tpl

– updates/1.5/themes/arundo/product-list.tpl

– updates/1.5/themes/arundo/product.tpl

V1.4 07-11-2012

Improvements :

– added default product appearance on the product page

– added confirmation messages for some actions as “add to wishlist”, “add to favorites” etc.

– added posibility to show or hide subcategories list on category page

Fixed bugs:

– products images names

– “add to cart” animation in product page

– custom links module (multistore issue)

– theme settings module (multistore issue)

– product carousel, get featured products function

– small visual fixes

– “socialnetworks” module skype account error

– bannersbundle missed css

– currency sign format in welcomeblock

List of files to update:

– updates/modules/themesettings/themesettings.php

– updates/modules/themesettings/css/themesettings.css

– updates/modules/themesettings/css/themesettings_admin.css

– updates/modules/themesettings/images/cbui.png

– updates/modules/customlinks/customlinks.php

– updates/modules/productsCarousel/productsCarousel.php

– updates/modules/socialnetworks/socnetworks.tpl

– updates/modules/bannersbundle/bannersbundle.php

– updates/modules/blockwelcome/blockwelcome.tpl

– updates/modules/productscategory/productscategory.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/category.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/css/feature-carousel.css

– updates/themes/arundo/css/global.css

– updates/themes/arundo/css/product.css

– updates/themes/arundo/js/impromtu.js

– updates/themes/arundo/js/jquery.featureCarousel.js

– updates/themes/arundo/js/product.js

– updates/themes/arundo/js/modules/blockwishlist/ajax-wishlist.js

– updates/themes/arundo/js/modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/bestsellersCarousel/bestsellersCarousel.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/productsCarousel/productsCarousel.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockcart/blockcart-json.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockcart/blockcart.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockwishlist/blockwishlist-extra.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockwishlist/managewishlist.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/favoriteproducts/favoriteproducts-extra.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockwelcome/blockwelcome.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/productcomments/productcomments.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockviewed/blockviewed.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockspecials/blockspecials.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blocknewproducts/blocknewproducts.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockfeatured_carousel/blockfeatured_carousel.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockbestsellers_carousel/blockbestsellers_carousel.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/productscategory/productscategory.tpl

V1.3 12-10-2012

Improvements :

– animated add to cart process

Fixed bugs:

– footer view

– products comments view and form

– ajax add to cart feature on the category page

List of files to update:

– updates/themes/arundo/header.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/productcomments/productcomments.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockcart/blockcart-json.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockcart/blockcart.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/js/modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js

– updates/themes/arundo/css/modules/blockcart/blockcart.css

– updates/themes/arundo/images/delete.png

– updates/themes/arundo/images/delete_active.png

– updates/themes/arundo/css/global.css

– updates/themes/arundo/css/product.css

– updates/themes/arundo/css/product_list.css

– updates/themes/arundo/product-list.tpl

V1.2 01-10-2012

Improvements :

– Added “Quick access” icon of “Theme Settings” to the homepage of back office

– Added opportunity to show icons for menu items

Fixed bugs:

– wishlist page view

– authentication view

– strange bahavior of tabs on the product page

– “add to cart” button on the product page

– added checking for carousel items existing to “manufacturersCarousel” and “productsCarousel” modules

– view of “add to cart” button on the product page

List of files to update:

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockwishlist/my-account.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/productcomments/tab.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/product.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/footer.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/authentication.tpl

– updates/modules/themesettings/themesettings.php

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/manufacturersCarousel/manufacturersCarousel.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/productsCarousel/productsCarousel.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/css/modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css

– updates/themes/arundo/css/global.css

– updates/themes/arundo/css/product.css

– updates/modules/themesettings/css/themesettings_admin.css

– updates/modules/themesettings/js/scripts.js

– updates/modules/themesettings/menuicons/noimg.png

– updates/modules/themesettings/menuitems.php

– updates/modules/themesettings/scripts.tpl

– updates/modules/themesettings/themesettings.php

– updates/modules/themesettings/themesettings.tpl

V1.1 25-09-2012


– Added Custom CSS field in back office

– Added “disable category tittle and description” option

Fixed bugs:

– colorpicker in the back office

– identity page view

– favoriteproducts page view

– addresses page view

– discount page view

– translation issues

List of files to update:

– updates/themes/arundo/global.css

– updates/themes/arundo/css/identity.css

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/favoriteproducts/favoriteproducts-account.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/addresses.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockwishlist/img/gift.gif

– updates/themes/arundo/modules/blockwishlist/my-account.tpl

– updates/modules/themesettings/css/themesettings_admin.css

– updates/modules/themesettings/js/scripts.js

– updates/modules/themesettings/scripts.tpl

– updates/modules/themesettings/themesettings.php

– updates/modules/themesettings/themesettings.tpl

– updates/themes/arundo/category.tpl

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