Articles Geotag

Let your website users choose the articles to read by clicking them on a map, rather then a text list.
You can put markers on a map which are linked to the article. Furthermore you can delete them or add new ones.


This component has 3 pages:
– Map view: to show the articles map
– Add view: to link an article to a marker on the map
– Delete view: where geotags can be deleted

Since I personally like components which are entirely configurable from the front-end, both the “add” and the “delete” views are in front-end. It’s up to you to “protect” them setting the “register” or the “special” access level, based on your needs.

Here some features:
– Customizable map type (Hybrid, Terrain, Roadmap, Satellite)
– Customizable map initial zoom and center
– Article preview by clicking on a marker.
– Draggable marker in add view, to easily set a place.
– Customizable marker: you can use your own PNG marker.

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