Art Colorbox

Art Colorbox – Joomla! lightbox extension that can display photos, photo groups, slideshow, Flickr Picasa and Photobucket photos, external pages in highly customizable popup window.



* Can display photos, photo groups, slideshow, external pages, Flickr photos, Picasa album photos
* 5 nice themes
* Various transition types
* Many options for customization
* Slideshow support
* Sorting support
* Can use folder path to build gallery from images in the folder
* Can use Flickr user id to build gallery from Flickr photos
* Flickr API support: ability to display Flickr photo sets
* Can display Photobucket album photos
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Can rotate thumbnails using various transition effects
* Comes with module

* Demo with slideshow using theme 1:

* Demo without slideshow using theme 2:

* Single image demo using theme 3:

* External webpages demo using theme 4:

* Flickr images demo using theme 5:

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