Alyeska Premium WordPress Theme

Elegance. Flexibility. Awesomeness. These are the words that instantly come to mind when trying describe this amazing WordPress theme. This is the theme that’s going to get you or your client’s site up and running in no time. With all of the possible combinations of layout options, you’re sure to end up with a unique, elegant website that you can be proud of. Nothing has been held back with this one. It has all the professional touches you’d require in a WordPress theme along all the personal ones, as well – I’ve even named this theme after the mountain I grew up shredding as a kid in Alaska. It’s professional. It’s personal It’s the best. This is Alyeska.



Features Overview

  • Valid HTML5 and CSS level 2.1 tableless design.
  • Theme Option Customization Highlights
    • 2 Styles x 2 Shapes = 4 Body Options
    • 15 Colors x 15 Textures = 225 Skins
    • 15 Colors x 2 Shapes = 30 Menus
    • 4 Body Options x 225 Skins x 30 Menus = A lot of possibilities!
  • jQuery Enhancement
    • Homepage slideshow with Cycle plugin
    • Homepage slideshow with Kwicks plugin
    • Homepage slideshow with Nivo plugin
    • Dropdown Menu, improved with jQuery
    • Portfolio Page with animated thumbnails and lightbox
    • Working AJAX /PHP contact form with validation
  • WordPress 3+ Theme Support
    • Custom Menu support
    • Custom Background support
    • Post Thumbnail support

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