Classified Component with a lot of features:
– PMS Integration
– Automatic Account Creation
– Choose ad Fields by Categories
– Ad Expiration
– Advanced Search

– Show your ad fields (checkbox,select,textfield,number,etc..)
– Complete Integration with Community Builder
– Personnalize Display (number of columns,etc…)
– Show mandatory field
– Spam Protection: Image Email or Email Form
– Show field of which a sort can be make.
– Unlimited number of categories and level of categories
– Dynamic page titles
– Multiple languages: English, French
– Full configuration : ads auto-publish, contact information for register only, etc…
– Email Notification
– Assign as many images you want to a ad –
– Users can edit/delete their own ads
– Menu Modules to display the list of ads
– Ads Modules: display random ads or latest ads
– Cache Management
– SEF possible
– Limit ads by User
– Visitor can post ad with accoun
– Ligthbox Integration
– PMS integration

and many more, just test it right now on this site!
if you were looking for a classified component, you are on the right place !!

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