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You Want To Make Money, Right? iJoomla Ad Agency Helps You Make More Money From Your Site Than Any Other Option

Let’s face it. Running a website can be expensive. Hosting fees, design fees, salaries, etc. It can add up fast! That’s why so many websites & blogs these days rely on banner ad revenue–it really helps offset the costs of running a professional website AND can help you earn a nice living doing what you love to do.

You may have noticed that a lot websites have Google Adsense Ads on them. For some highly-trafficked websites, this seems like a pretty good choice to help generate ad revenue. It’s simple to set up, and easy to administer. But the dirty little secret about Google Adsense is that the majority of website publishers who use it make very little money.And some make no money at all–even the ones you see that have a million Google ads on their site. Isn’t your site’s traffic worth more than 1 cent per click?

What’s more, there really isn’t a lot of control over who Google will allow to advertise on your site. Imagine, a competitor or an enemy advertising on YOUR site….ridiculous, huh? Well, it happens with Google Ads!



iJoomla Ad Agency Component: Sell ad space on your Joomla website for a premium price! Make more $$$

That’s why our friends at iJoomla created iJoomla Ad Agency. It puts the advertising power in the website owner’s hands, where it belongs! YOU control the price of the ads you want on your site, the ad packages you want to offer (CPM, CPC, or flat rate), the size of the ads (125×125, 300×250, 728×90, 468×60, text ads and more!), and who can advertise on your site!

iJoomla Ad Agency was created specifically for Joomla so no bridges or hacks are necessary. It works right out of the box and supports all standard ad types and ANY AD SIZE at all. With iJoomla Ad Agency, you can:

* Start making money from your traffic today!
* Completely automatic and totally hassle-free.
* Complete flexibility over placement, campaign type and ad strategies.
* You control everything!
* Manage advertisers
* Accept payments in real time
* Upload many types of ads (banners, Flash, text, code, pop ups/pop unders, floating and transition).
* Create packages
* Build campaigns
* View real-time reports

iJoomla Ad Agency was created specifically for Joomla so no bridges or hacks necessary. It works right out of the box and supports all standard ad types and any ad size at all.

And Ad Agency is Search Engine Friendly–it works perfectly with one of our premium SEO-friendly templates like Verdant, Impacto, or Onyx.

iJoomla Ad Agency is quickly becoming THE ad rotation component to have on your Joomla website. Thousands of Joomla websites, big & small, are using Ad Agency right now to monetize their websites. Wouldn’t you like to make more money with your own website? Then you NEED iJoomla Ad Agency!

What you get:

  • 1 Joomla ads component (to manage the advertisers, banners, campaigns, orders, etc.)
  • 3 Joomla ads modules

–Advertiser Menu module (this module displays all the links that only approved advertisers can see)
–Default zone module (this module displays the banners on your different joomla banner module positions)
–Remote code module (this module will show your Joomla ads on other sites)

  • Paypal payment plugin (FREE Joomla payment plugin)
  • 2CO payment plugin (FREE Joomla payment plugin)
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