Acymailing Plugin for Adsmanager

This plugin integrates Adsmanager with Acymailing. Visit the site to find out how you can get it for FREE.
It enables you to search in all your Adsmanager items and insert them (one by one or by a selection on one or several categories) in your Newsletter. You can also use this plugin to automatically include your newly created (or modified) Adsmanager items in an Auto-newsletter or a Newsletter.


It works with both Adsmanager versions, 2.7 and the old one, and you can install in Joomla 2.5 ,1.7 or 1.5 without any problems.

It support Paidsyste and it allows to translate your ads with JoomFish (for Joomla 1.5) and it loads your Adsmanager CSS style, in this way it maintains your graphical choices and offers a strong coherency between your web-site and your newsletter. It supports five modes to display ads:
1- Only Title;
2- Short mode (Box);
3- Simple view
4- List/table View;
5- Details view
…and it has many others options to satisfy all your needs.

Moreover you can choose 3 different Admanger fields to use as a filter, for istance:
a) you can add items located in a given area, that belong to the “old cars” category, that are in “good condition” (= ad_state field) and have a price between x and y.
b)or you can easily filter ads by country or region/city (supposing you have created an ad_country in your Adsmanager fields), so you can realize more accurate newsletters for a specific list or group of users.
c) etcetera….
In this way you can realize newsletters that meet the expectations and the interests of the users registered to your newsletter.

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