Acumen Magento theme

Acumen is the best supported and most extensible Magento theme in the world — and a best seller too.

Acumen is a powerfully flexible, grid-based Magento theme. It was designed specifically for easy customization and to fit a wide range of stores. Its minimal layout puts maximum attention on products, while keeping a clean and modern aesthetic throughout. You’ll love it!
Always Updated + Full Magento Compatibility

Acumen 1.3.4 is designed for Magento Community Edition.

Store owners, developers, and design studios choose Acumen because it’s the best supported and most rigorously updated Magento theme available. Buyers count on Acumen updates to run their business, and they’ve never been let down.


Acumen has been updated for every Magento Stable release — over two years of reliable updates!
Feature Overview

Acumen Custom Features

15 UI Widgets: create interactive content sliders, pop overs, featured product lists with ease
15 Snippets: add content areas you can update from the Magento Admin with no coding!
960 Grid System: every template follows an orderly 12-column grid
HTML5 markup: scrubbed clean of bulk and infused with semantic power
CSS3 galore: progressively enhanced styles reward modern browsers while staying lean
Language translation ready: 100% of Acumen’s templates use Magento’s translation methods
10 Sliders: New Products + Featured Products + Large Promo + Grid Based
Mega Navigation Menu: show the full catalog structure easily
Mini-Cart Menu: users see the cart on every page
Designed for customizations: includes override.css for easy upgrades
Web font ready: primed for Typekit / @font-face / Cufon

Magento Core Features

Category (Grid & List View) + Faceted Navigation
Product Page (with Related Products + Cross Sell + Reviews)
Product types: Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundled
Search Autocomplete
Cart (with Up Sell) + Onepage Checkout + Multiple Address Checkout
Customer Dashboard (with Order History + Reviews + Tags + more)
CMS Pages (100% layout freedom with grids)
Send to Friend + Wishlist + Gift Messages

Need more details? The Acumen Tour has you covered. Explore every aspect of Acumen’s development and see why it’s perfect.
#1. Quality Over Quantity
We focused on what matters: primary navigation, deep linking home page, manageable featured products, and seamless interaction. Still looking for color variations? Acumen supports over 65,000 via CSS . Acumen’s intelligent features are so natural, you’ll have to pay attention to notice them.
#2. Better Design
Acumen was made for clarity and organization. We shook up the visual hierarchy to highlight the most important information and removed the clutter. The result was beautiful catalog and product pages with prominent photography. Both checkout modes were streamlined for simplicity. View Acumen’s clean layouts.
#3. True Grid System
While other themes claim to implement grids like, they don’t. Look at the markup for proof. Every template in Acumen was stripped of Magento’s structural markup and replaced with our flexible grid. See Acumen’s grid framework.
#4. Better Code
We followed Magento and Zend best practices when writing Acumen from theme fallback hierarchy to fully supporting multi-language translation. Every modification is annotated with comments, and the every frontend template’s markup was scrubbed for improved semantics and accessibility. That’s SEO gold. View our code practices.
#5. Better Performance
Acumen was built for speed. Our best ideas are implemented for reducing HTTP requests, applying cached JavaScript libraries, minimizing repeat data downloads, and loading resources modularly. It’s a little technical, but see how Acumen is optimized.
#6. Rigorous Updates
Acumen was a launch theme for the Magento category, and it has the most active development history. We’ve supported every stable Magento version with a full compatibility release (usually in ~1 week). Other themes are still multiple Magento versions behind. We’re streets ahead, view the changelog.
#7. Amazing Support
Read through the comments. We answer every question and problem within 24 hours, often much faster than that. We don’t ignore customers or bugs, and include a comprehensive Magento/Acumen installation guide with suggestions for server selection and store configuration settings to help you go live.

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