Absolute – Simplicity and Control

Absolute is a simple yet powerful template that can easily be modified to suit a number of different purposes. If you would like a more feature rich version of this template, then be sure to checkout Absolute Redux and Absolute Flush!


Built in Sideshow Header!

Completely unobtrusive, if a browser has javascript turned off, the user will just see a normal header image. If your not much one for pizzazz, you can just turn it off. Not only will it use a CSS based header image instead, once loaded in a browser, it will remove all trace that it was ever there!

Absolute Control!

From the feedback we received after our first releases, we had many users asking how to change different things in the templates to make them unique. Well, we decided to make it super easy for anyone to do just that! There are many options to choose from, giving you Absolute Control! Click here for a full list of options available.

Sons of Suckerfish Menu System

Using the excellent extended menu module, the template makes use of the sons of Suckerfish menu system, to allow for a clean, semantic, drop down menu. Submenu items (drop downs) can easily be added by adding child menu items to the main menu.

Instant Search

We have taken the awesome Shep Instant Search module, and given it a bit of our usual flair, making it overlay over the main content area which gives more room for the search results as you type. If you choose not to use the instant search, simple change the configuration option and the standard Joomla! search will be used – it’s all up to you!

Collapsible Sidebar to allow for full width content

If no modules are assigned the left module position, the sidebar will automatically collapse. This is a great feature for those content heavy pages, where you want to give the user an optimal reading area.

Overview of Absolutes’s features:

  • Built in sideshow header
  • Fully configurable to suit your needs!
  • Sons of Suckerfish menu system
  • Instant search
  • Collapsible sidebar to allow for full width content
  • Configurable footer (custom or default Joomla! credits)
  • Collapsible green and orange feature boxes
  • Extra attention to the login module and contact page
  • Fully XHTML and CSS compliant

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