Absolute Flush – total control and slick looks

For Absolute Flush we decided to build on the control that our Absolute and Absolute Redux templates gave users; while also focusing more on the design aspects of the template, refining the core javascript, accessibility and other aspects that make this a highly functional, yet slick Joomla! template.

What can Absolute Flush do for you?

Our aim was to bring you a template that is not only versatile and easy to use, but also boasts vibrant colors. One really cool feature worthy of serious mention is that even when users turn off their javascript they will still be able to browse the website and, what’s more, they’ll be none the wiser. Give it a try, turn off the javascript and see for yourself!!!


Dynamic Front-end controls

Absolute Flush comes with dynamic front-end controls allowing the user to have powerful control over the front-end of the site, these options are completely customizable from the back-end and can even be completely disabled.

All front-end controls can be enabled or disabled from the back-end and are also pre-loaded for fast page loading. Dynamic front-end options included are: the 5 Color Options (Blue, Green, Red, Orange or Pink), a Font Sizer (Normal, Large or Extra Large), Sidebar Switch (Left or Right) and 800px to 1000px Width Resize, Also built into the front-end controls is a custom help module which assists users to understand the various control options and how to use them.

Other cool features

As for the usual high quality specifications from JoomlaJunkie – Absolute Flush is fully XHTML and CSS Validated and Compliant, optimised for SEO. The CSS is fully described and detailed, and has been tested in Firefox 1.5 / 2.0, IE 6 / 7, Opera, Safari and Flock. More details have been added to the website typography, sidebars and the user modules are fully collapsible. Special attention has been given to the Login, Polls Modules and Contact Page.

Overview of Flush’s features:

  • Dynamic Frontend Controls (to infinity and beyond).
    1. 5 Color Options (Blue, Green, Red, Orange or Pink)
    2. Font Sizer (Normal, Large or Extra Large)
    3. Sidebar Switch (Left or Right)
    4. 800px to 1000px Width Resize
  • Frontend Controls Custom Help
  • Degradable Javascript for users with Javascript turned off.
  • Built in Suckerfish Menu – No modules to install and configure.
  • Now also has child menu indicators.
  • Template Recoded / Reworked to work out of the box on standard Joomla! install.
  • Comprehensive Template Guide.
  • Fonts included and SEO optimized.
  • More goodies added to the Typography / Style Guide.
  • Special attention to the Login, Polls Modules and Contact Page.
  • Collapsible Sidebar, user1 and user2 modules for optimal space when needed.
  • Semantic Mark-up / Separation of Presentation and Content.
  • Fireworks Source file re-worked from scratch, CSS and Javascript re-coded and refined.
  • Tested in Firefox 1.5 / 2.0, IE 6 / 7, Opera, Safari and Flock.
  • Fully XHTML and CSS Validated and Compliant.

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