About Tin Cay Company – Vietnam

First and foremost, TIN CAY INVESTMENT TRADING & SERVICES CORPORATION sends greetings and thanks for the cooperation of agencies during the past time.

For over 5 years of development, Tin Cay have built a good reputation in business. Since our goal “never stop satisfying”, TIN CAY constantly expands, diversifies product categories in each area, and delivers goods with high quality and reasonable price to satisfy all customer requirements in the best way.

Having a team of technicians and sales with many years of experience, enthusiasm for work and ready to advise any customer inquiries, TIN CAY is growing and gaining brand reputation by providing quality products, prestige services and satisfying different types of customer needs.

Tin Cay is Vietnamese. In English, Tin Cay means Trust or Reliable. This is what Tin Cay stand for.


Company Information


Address: 74/2/1D, 36th Street, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc  District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Tel: 08. 3 720 63 83 –   Fax: 08. 3720 6720

Tax code: 03 10 94 16 49

Represented by: Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Cu               Position: General Manager

Website: http://tincay.com

TIN CAY INVESTMENT TRADING & SERVICES CORPORATION specializes in products and services of many well-known companies such as Merck, Nikon, Optika, Olympus, Kruss, Micros, Atago, Memmert, Extech, Fluke, Dickson, SATO, Labtech, SSI, EDI… in the following areas :

+ Lab equipments: microscopes, the type of incubators , drying cabinets , biological safety cabinets, fume cupboards, laboratory water stills, centrifuges, gel imaging systems, lab supplies…

+ Consumable goods & material: glassware (flask, bottle neutral, test tubes, petri dishes, desiccator, implants), plastic (centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, cone head,… ), filter paper, agar & culture medium …

+ Chemicals for industry research, testing, molecular biology, microbiology, aquatic products, agricultural products, industrial hygiene: HANNA, OXOID, MERCK, TITAN…

+ Oil industry’s equipments: ABB, Phase Dynamic, Rotork, Yokogawa, Acez Sensing, , Meanwell, MTL, OMRON, Weidmuller, Phoenix Contact, Hirschmann, SMK, Swagelok, Concoa, Rittal, IFM, Dell, Rose, NetGear, Skinner, ISTM, Versa, Tescom….

+ Fire protection equipments and fire safety supplies for brands SRI, StatX, Guardianfire, Chemetron, CSA, Johnsoncontrols, Globesprinkler, Pottersignal, DNV…

+ Repair and calibration service: specialize in the repair and refurbishment of microscopes, water stills, electronic balances… we also provide quality calibration for balances, pH meters… Besides,  to enhance the availability and quality service, we has partnered with Quatest 3 that meet all customer requirements in the best way.

With wisdom and enthusiasm, every employees of TIN CAY has been and will always be endeavoring to establish a sustained development with ambition to become a leading company that provides scientific and technical equipments, has a wide range, great admin ability, working scope that could influenced the region and overseas in the near future.



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