5 nice Joomla SEO extensions that search engine will love your site

If you have to use Joomla website for your Business or Marketting, you are searching for techniques how to make your site search engine friendly or SEO, please to reading this articles to introduce 5 nice Joomla SEO extensions that search engine will love your site.

1. Xmap – Joomla module

Xmap is a Site map generator component for Joomla. Xmap allows you to create a map of your site using the structure of your menus. Some of Xmap’s features are:
* Capability to create more than one sitemap with different preferences for each sitemap.
* Generation of XML sitemaps compatible with Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.


2. SEOSimple native Joomla 1.5/Joomla 1.6/Joomla 1.7/Joomla 2.5 plugin Joomla SEO 2.5

This native Joomla 1.5/Joomla 1.6/Joomla 1.7/Joomla 2.5 plugin automatically generates description meta tags by pulling text from the content to help with SEO. It also gives you the ability to set different title configurations

3. JoomSEF Free

SEO component to make your Joomla! URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata generation capabilities. Supports URL translations at multilingual sites using JoomFish/Falang. Online upgrades and extension instalation. Custom 404 Page Not Found, duplicate URLs management.

4. Using K2 2.4.1 with sh404SEF – What you need to know

f you use the latest version of K2 (as of this writting) with SH404, one thing that you will notice is that the category and item alias is completely disregarded when building the SEF url.  No matter what, K2 will use a URL safe version of the Title instead of the alias.  If you rely on Aliases to craft your URLs then upgrading to K2 can lead to completely broken links.

1.  Smart SEO


Smart SEO will help you overcome problems with components’ SEO compatibility and accessibility to certain pages such as category blog layouts, forum pages, virtuemart categories and products, sobi2 entries and all other popular components.

*** See Demo Video here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jjextensions#p/a/u/1/zZ5snRkHEbg ***

Smart SEO is a powerful plugin developed for Joomla Based websites. This plugin has many advantages designated to overcome problems that every SEO expert and non-expert encounters when working with Joomla! websites.

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