5 best Joomla Backlink Extensions for SEO joomla 2.5

Joomla SEO plugin – LinkBuilder

This plugin is based on “Link Builder Pro” from seox.org and it automatically appends a link to your website, whenever someone copies text from your website into a WYSIWYG editor.

There are several parameters, such as type of link, skip words, credit text and some more.

This is a great link building plugin for every Joomla! installation.


Joomla SEO module – LinkBack

A simple module that automatically shows the most popular incoming links to the page it is displayed at. This is great for building deep links as you can always tell people that all they have to do is send one visitor to your (unlinked) page to get a link back. Features: * Automatic lookup of linking page’s title (first time only) * Show title or URL * Option to show how many visitors came from each link (Good for competition) * Easy to install – nothing to configure unless you need to * Free and Open Source * Language independent * Produces valid XHTML * Does not require LinX or any other component * Use file_get_contents() or the cURL library * Now you can filter out unwanted URLs as well


Joomla SEO component – Auto Backlinks

Joomla 1.7 version released. By far the best Professional SEO Tool which will Get you free 120 Auto Backlinks from high pagerank sites. This extension pings most of the major sites and in return you get a backlink from these sites. This extension is absolutely free to use and will definately help you to achieve a high ranking in major search engines.
We are also glad to announce Joomla 1.6 version of Auto Backlinks component which can be downloaded following this link http://www.itdevelopers.net/download/cat_view/18-joomla-16/19-joomla-components.html.

Note:- Kindly note that our site is moved to www.itdevelopers.net from www.joomlaseo.org. We have updated all the links and thus not responsible for any download from the old site.

Joomla SEO plugin – SEO Booster joomla 2.5

This system plugin makes use of Tynt Insight which automatically adds a link back to your original content with every copy and paste done by users. The attribution link ensures you get credit for your work, drives new visits back to your site and improves your SEO results.

So benefits are:
To driving traffic (sites using Tynt Insight have seen double the amount of visits to individual pages via this automatic attribution link) , improve search rank and get immediate SEO benefits by generating more links back to your content that are search engine visible and measure engagement (to find out exactly what your readers engage with most.)


Joomla SEO component Joomla 2.5 – redLINKER

redLINKER includes the following features:

• Super SEO Linkbuilding component
• Update links on your entire website in a matter of minutes
• Create unlimited replacements
• Based on regular expressions
• Replace with text or link
• Set target for links
• 100% MVC Structural build
and much more…

redLINKER is a brand new Joomla 1.5 native MVC component and plugin that allows you to enter a word that you want to replace either by another word or by a link. Save tons of hours going trough your entire website to create links for internal linkbuilding or link to articles or external pages on specific words. It only takes a few seconds to create a site wide replacement! redLINKER replaces the earlier released static plugin with a fixed limit on 20 replacements.

Install the component and in seconds you you can create links on specific words on your entire website or you can use it to update generic text strings on your entire website without having to go trough hundreds of articles.

redLINKER is licensed under GPL v.2 but requires a subscription to download.

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