2JCarousel – it’s AJAX 3D images carousel, with wide range of customization options (attention!!! around 50 options for customization of the front end carousel or admin backend settings) With 2JCarousel you can add images carousel to the web site, which looks like 3D oval with perspective. With 2JCarousel you receive freedom of creativity: all this options with combination of CSS styles which you can easily modify to make 2JCarousel fit to your web site design and your needs the best way!

2JCarousel have advanced images management tools: 3 ways for uploading sets of the images to the component scanning server directory, batch upload , uploading single images (one by one).
2JCarousel have implemented advanced resizing functionality for thumbnails and big images: here you can specify required size of the images (separate settings for thumbnails and big images), direction of the resizing alignment. So this is not simple resizing it’s smart resizing.
In 2JCarousel for thumbnails click you can select few different actions: show big image, show image in lightbox, show lightbox with template(it’s ability to insert custom HTML code for images description in the mix with build in template tags for carousel images, links and etc.), simple link or target blank link. One interesting point: you can bind AJAX/JavaScript function to the thumbnail click(check our demos).
2JCarousel support transparency, results you can see at our demo section.

2JCarousel Key Features overview:
***** Version 1.0.5 Changelog ( 22-03-2012 ) *****
Added images caching increased loading time;
Updated caching for the js and css files;
Increased working speed and decreased amount of the db queries;
Saving template with HTML and styles;
Global cache turn off option, working with images, css and js;
New open blank option;
* AJAX Images Carousel (No Flash here!);
* Galleries support (each gallery images possible to show in particular section of the site);
* Advanced 3D visualization settings (possible to change perspective, x and y radius, offset for rotation axis);
* W3C CSS validate (no errors, notices, warnings);
* W3C XHTML validate (no errors, notices, warnings);
* All front end interface could be easily customized using CSS styles editor integrated in component;
* Module + Component + Plugin for content management from Joomla back end;
* Ability to insert instances of the images carousel to the joomla content articles (using plugin tag);
* Ability to insert multiply instances of the images carousel to the same page (using module or plugin tag);
* Batch images uploading;
* Upload images from server directory (scan directory option);
* Ability to switch between 3 navigation modes: mouse mode, navigation buttons, permanent movement

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