2J Tabs

2J Tabs – it’s a fresh breath for your website layout. Very easy and comfortable way to organize your front end content most effective way.
2J Tabs can emulate multi-pages structure based on the joomla content articles as result your visitors will get easy access to the big content articles (no need to scroll through a large page). Also 2JTabs have ability to load up joomla external modules to the tabs from joomla template locations (for example: left, right, banner, user1 and etc…).


2J Tabs have 4 ways of usage:

* using regular module you can insert tabs with content articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tag which you will be able setup in component , and after that insert to the content article as tabbed content section. So you can insert tabs with articles from joomla content category or section;
* using plugin tags to split one content article to the tabbed section;
* direct link to the component;

2J Tabs have few navigation modes:
* using regular tab navigation buttons (on top or bottom of the tabs block);
* using auto rotation mode for tabs changing process (with effects);

2J Tabs have options to make custom template for article which tabs will show, using special tags you can post in custom position ID of the article, text of the article, item title, read more link, creation date, last modification date, author name, author id, ability to insert read more link somewhere in content.
2J Tabs showing images and text (formatted by HTML and CSS). In 2JTabs you can easily change styles using special component section for CSS edit also you will be able to use pre-installed skins.
2J Tabs it’s most effective way to make specifications page, products showcase or section with hot news. It’s have very wide range of settings and ways of customization.

Key Features of the 2JTabs:
***** Version 1.8.1 Changelog ( 20-03-2012 ) *****
Possible to use modules as content source for tabs;
Changed the workflow of the custom labels;
Updated caching for the js and css files;
Increased working speed and decreased amount of the db queries;
Added random content sorting;
In multi tag mode tabs ignore custom labels option;
***** Version 1.8.0 Changelog ( 22-02-2012 ) *****
Added new Themes with modern light view;
All Themes are CSS3 based, optimized for FireFox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari;
Added more advanced content management options: sorting, grouping, select article by ID;
All themes highly customizable by backend options or CSS styles;

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