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Creative Web nace con el propósito de suplir las necesidades actuales de muchos pequeños y medianos negocios en y fuera de Puerto Rico. El constante cambio de la tecnología ha llevado a que hoy estadísticamente la mayoría de los usuarios de internet accesan a través de un dispositivo móvil (smartphone, tablet, etc.) y no como regularmente se suele hacer, a través de una computadora.

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Traction – April Joomla Club Template

Traction is the ultimate car enthusiast or garage website. Great features like a custom background image, custom highlight color, dynamic module title colors, and custom fonts, allow you to easily adapt this template to any type of site and totally transform the appearance in seconds! Its responsive design also allows your website visitors to view your site on any device with no problems at all!

This month we have heavily customized the S5 Image and Content Fader module and S5 Tab Show to match the template’s design perfectly. In addition to that you can set the background of the page to any image that you want and set it to be either fixed with the page or scroll with the page.

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The Blogazine Joomla template

We are happy to announce the release of The Blogazine Joomla template. This is our first template that uses the vertical style of the S5 Flex Menu. The style is designed for any blog or magazine style website that primarily focuses on content. The template includes several Vertex admin options such as the ability to change colors of the active menu item, read more, site buttons and more. We’ve also included 3 different module styles that you can change the color of to whatever you desire via the Vertex admin area. Your site can be set to be left aligned like the demo, centered or right aligned. On the demo you will also notice a background behind the template which can be seen on wide screen monitors. This background is easily set via a URL path in the Vertex admin

We have also included several of our popular modules such as the S5 Tab Show, S5 Box and S5 Accordion Menu.

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Prestige Academy great responsive Joomla template

Prestige Academy is a great responsive Joomla template that can be used for schools, educational sites, as well as others! This template has many great features such as 95 module positions, custom highlight colors, custom font choices, a new onclick menu for small touch screens, social icon integration, and much more!

This month we have also launched Vertex 2.3 and 3.1. The new additions to Vertex now allow you to set the right and left columns to a percentage width, making responsive sites very easy to setup! In addition to that we’ve made enhancements to the S5 Flex Menu. The menu now automatically changes languages for mufti-language sites, and there is now an option for onclick functionality for smaller touch screens.

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JM Siotis – Responsive Magento Theme for Fashion shop

JM Siotis is clearly inspired based on those three elements.

If you are looking for the “unusual’ yet “unique” and attractive at the first glance over for your fashion store, JM Siotis is the one. This responsive Magento theme has all the fancy big fonts, color blocked graphics and graffiti feels going strong but still keep the design minimal. Be sure to grab all your target customers – the very young, and stylish fashionistas to stay on the site and keep follow.

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BT Shopping Joomla template that offers Responsive layout

BT Shopping comes as Premium Joomla template that offers Responsive layout and Premium Slideshow modules. We created elegant and versatile look of this theme in order to deliver wonderful shopping experience.
Non stop there, with built-in JShopping component, this template allows shop owners to manage their products in the easiest way ever. Note that all other common shopping carts can be installed.

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Alerion is a Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 Responsive Template

Alerion is a visually intense design, focusing on rich elements split into distinct sections to add depth to content. Additional design features include configurable floating modules and quicknav feature, as well as parallax background effects.

The Gantry Framework provides a standard core of features, such as an advanced template manager; amongst other template features. Further, RokSprocket benefits from Alerion specific integrated styling, for its various layout types.

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Simplicity Responsive, premium Joomla! template for business start-up

Simple doesn’t mean unsuccessful or unattractive…
Simplicity is just the beginning… the beginning of astartup!

If you run a business and you want to enliven your online identity, Simplicity is the best choice you may make in order to create a successful and breathtaking website! This business Joomla! template uses the latest trends available. You may make undoubtedly unique and attractive landing page of a product with Simplicity thanks to interesting animations of CSS3 use!

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