TF Web Splash – WordPress Themes

Web Splash is a simple and clean but still Professional Premium WordPress Theme. Web Splash is an ideal theme for a creative agency, a portfolio or your business! The theme is created in the minimalist “clean” style. The template is given in 8 colors. The color and background can be customized.


We are positive that that this theme will surely keep your business at a high level!

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TF Style – WordPress Themes

Style Premium WordPress Theme uses a great deal of white/dark space to create a clean feel to this site. The elements of this web design are nicely spaced out to create a clean overall design. The light/dark background and elegant typography combines to make a very fresh design. This website is far from minimal, yet uses very clean edges, accentuated by the contrasts between content areas and backgrounds to create a highly clean web experience.

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TF Idea 3D – Creative Portfolio Business – WordPress Themes

Ready for a Perfect Experience!
Image a theme that can be installed within 30 second and that has a useful admin panel. It has an online support so you can talk with support team if you come across any problem. There is no plug-in but there is modules. So, it is enough to click on/off in admin panel. We can not write all features of the theme in here.


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Responsive Image Sizes At Different Resolutions

An Experiment with Mobile-First Images that Scale Responsively & Responsibly

What is this?

The goal of this technique is to deliver optimized, contextual image sizes in responsive layouts that utilize dramatically different image sizes at different resolutions. Ideally, this could enable developers to start with mobile-optimized images in their HTML and specify a larger size to be used for users with larger screen resolutions — without requesting both image sizes, and without UA sniffing.


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ery slide images header feature with jQuery

This might not be the best way to structure the JavaScript and I’m sure you hard core coders will pick up on this however one of the purposes of this tutorial is to show newcomers to jQuery exactly how flexible and easy it is to create something that on the outside looks quick complex. The code used in this tutorial is relatively simple to understand.


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