10 Blogging Tips To Increase Readers For Your Blog

The easy part of blogging is that you can make a blog and start posting on it, that too in just few hours. With everything you feel happy that you are now a blogger and have started your own blog. But ever thought who will read your blog other than your friends you told to read. The good news is that anyone who comes to your blog just visiting random blogs, well the bad news is that no one has the time to do that.

Well the first time of doing something has its own fun, the first blog makes you feel special regardless how weird or horrible it may look or project but being your first blog it’s special. The only consistent reader of your blog is the special person who made it – you only, unless of course you bought someone else’s blog.

After few days you get some hits and that too from those whom you have told or requested to visit at least once. Mostly they are your friends or relatives but that’s all you could get when you are finding the reader of your blog.

Well here are the few good practices that I’ve gathered on finding readers for a blog. These tips are for the newbie bloggers who have next to none audience and really want to build some genuine credibility. Follow the step by step instructions to get the best results. Let’s check out 10 Most Effective Techniques To Increase Readers For Your Blog.

1. Write Lucid and Good Articles

Well as you must have understood by your own experience as a reader that everyone likes a simple yet effective language. If you succeed in doing so you make a permanent impact on reader’s mind and this make sure that he/she will definitely come back along with those whom he/she have told.

The above techniques will work for you if and only if you have a strong and effectively written content. As you know that without the foundation the building can never rise so is the case with blog, you have to provide the reader a good written post so he/she can enjoy it along getting information with it. With these tips you can relay divert a large amount of traffic to your blog and climb up the ranking ladder very fast.

2. Use Resource Box

When you create your own resource box it is just like a digital signature of you, when you include it in the post then it’s like you have signed as the author and when someone republishes this article you signature is still there and hence a back link to your site is automatically published with the post.

And the if someone with large readership republish your article then it’s really a heave as it would direct a heavy traffic on your site.

3. Submit Your Articles

This tip won’t help must but proper categorization of your articles would help you and when you submit your articles to article based sites it will for sure help in getting new visitors even though not suddenly but in a long time it will.

4. Submit And Use SEO Tools

Well now when it comes to publicity the only thing that can be used by you is internet and most prominently Google or Yahoo or other search engines. Well for that you must make proper tags and categorize the blog post so that when anyone hits the keyword he should also see a link to your site.

As the indexing speed of Google is quite fast if the amount of content I has to index is taken into consideration. So try to properly use and make the best of the SEO tools and services. Submit your blogs to various sites which categorize it and place it so efficiently that it is seen when a proper keyword is searched. This small contribution will help you climb the vicious ladder of ranking.

5. Promote Commenting

The one thing that any reader sees when visiting your blog and reading your posts is the number of comments on your post. Well good posts have hundreds and that makes their credibility in the eyes of the reader.

The number of comments also convinces the reader that you have quite a good content at display as so many have read it. This makes the reader stick to your blog. Still the best part comes from the fact that you properly reply the comments.

6. Link And Trackback To Other Blog Posts

Trackback can be taken as some sort of Blog conversation that is sometime when a blog is written and it contains a link that refers to another blog’s post, what you can do is make a trackback to their blog’s post.

It will help you as it will leave a quick overview or more prominently the summary of your blog post there. Well you can take it like this that your writing will tell that its written by you but the other have been mentioned. These types of trackbacks appear in comments.

It’s a short and nice way of publicizing because the reader will definitely follow the link and will visit your blog as well as other people from the blogging community will notice you and that’s a start. It will help you get quality comments and increase your blog’s readership.

7. Visit And Comment Other Blogs

After writing the initial cornerstone blogs and getting a proper domain you ready to let you blog be publicized. The easy way and the most important one is that you start visiting other blogs of same category and comment on them, do aim to those topics on which you have written already.

In most cases the owner of the blogs or site will allow you to add your link/title of your blog, so do take advantage of that feature and publicized your blog.

8. Use Domain Name

Well the good thing about a successful blog is that it has a proper domain name and if you want to make a good impression on your readers then I’d suggest have a proper domain name. But do consider having a unique yet easily remembered domain name. Because the more complex URL you have for your website, the less the chances are there that people will remember it and believe me when they do remember a blog’s name they’ll talk of it with their friends and this will start the chain of readers visiting your blog.

9. Be Consistent

It’s not that you should only write cornerstone posts but once they are published just make sure to keep your blog renewed with daily news or short posts or articles. The only reason you should do this is to show or make the user realize that you update your blog daily so the most likely feeling they’ll get is that a new thing will be displayed the next day if they visit again. And once they are genuinely interested or start liking they’ll definitely bookmark your site or subscribe to your blog feed or the newsletter.

I am not saying that you should write daily, well if you can that’s the best thing, else just make sure what you write is new. Because once the reader gets this feeling that you’ll update it on regular basis they’ll become your royal and loyal audience and once that happen they’ll be lenient even if you don’t publish daily or makes it few a week or even twice a week. But in order to get there you got to work hard for the first few months so that you get a regular readership.

10. Write Cornerstone’s Articles (at least 5 – 7)

Any tutorial article or post is considered a cornerstone or a pillar post as its main aim is to provide users something new, an advice or some practical knowledge or any new technique or tips, mostly HOW TO posts. Why I asked you to do this is because these posts have a long term effect and stays new as they are not news or dependent on time in any way. They along with this are really valuable as provide good info and insight. So the more of these you have on your blog the more effective and good they’ll prove for you.

In the end I’d like to say that try to update your content or blog everyday and if you can’t then make sure you have enough pillar or cornerstone posts so as to keep the flow of visitors to your site.

A good blogger will make sure that he/she gets the best of what he/she write so make sure your content is original as copied content would only defame you and reduce the visitor traffic to your blog. The easier it all seems the harder it is so for getting the best results you should wait and have patient as the best of things make us wait for them.

Have a nice time while blogging and for getting the best results make sure you work with enthusiasm and dedication as nothing can replace the hard work and proper channeling of resources one has.
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