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How to Convert Joomla Website to WordPress

Althoug Joomla is known to be a great content management and a highly sophisticated system that has been designed to power a website or blog of any type, it is never meant to be used by any person. In case you happen to be among those individuals who have made the great decision to move from using Joomla to WordPress, with the latter powering almost a quarter of all the websites in the world, the conversion process is always easy and straight forward thanks to the availability of various plugins that are capable of helping you.

However, before you get started with the conversion process, it is appropriate that you select a hosting company and install WordPress. In order to achieve the best results, you need to settle on a hosting company that will be able to provide you with simple one click installation for the WordPress.


  • Install Joomla to WordPress Plugin


The first thing you what to perform is to get to the WordPress dashboard straignt to the plugins tab and click on new

Thereafter, you will encounter the most popular WordPress plug-in. However, you will have to ignore them since we are not interested in installing anything else before we migrate the Joomla content.  There will always be a search bar on the right side. Key in FG Joomla to WordPress and start searching.

The plugin in you are looking for will be the first among the results not unless you have made an incorrect entry in the search bar. There, you will discover there are many other plugins that might be capable of performing similar task. However, the best choice should be the highest rated one and the most commonly updated one among the bunch.  They are some of the common factors you should always watch out for whenever you are looking for new plug-in and you are new to the WordPress.

Click the FG Joomla to WordPress option and a window with additional information concerning the plug in will appear and click on Install. You will come across a few brief lines that provide details of the installation process of the new plug-in on your new page.  Always feel free to skip it and click on the Activate plug-in in order to move on.

You will be sent back to your plug-in lists that are different from the ones that come with the WordPress by default. For you to be able to proceed with the process of migrating from Joomla to WordPress, you will headback to Joomla in order to be able to retrieve some important details.


  • Get Your Joomla Database Parameters


Since you will be migrating from Joomla, we will assume that you have knowledge on how to navigate around its control panel. Log in and get into the system tab, click on the global configuration from the available drop down list.

Head over to the Server tab after getting to the Global Configuration panel, the Database settings are the information we are looking for.

We are using the local Joomla setup for the purpose of this guide. Hence you need not to get any funny ideas on hijacking the imaginary Joomal site. Ensure the tab is kept open ready for the next step  since you will be required to copy the database name, host, database username and the datable tables prefix values within one minute.

  1. Import the Joomla Content into WordPress

You are now ready to go through with the real migration process after  approximately five minutes of preparatory procedures. For you to get started, you will have to return to your WordPress Dashboard and get the Tools tab therein, select the import option.

WordPress is made up of lots of import tools by default. However there is non-for Joomla thereby we have to undergo through the installation process of a dedicated plug-in for the task. You will always find the Joomla option nested between the LiveJournal and Categories and Tags Converter. Click on it.

You will have to fill in a number of fields. However, you will only be concerned with the first choice if you have already tinkered with the WordPress install. You will need the pristine installation in order to migrate properly.

Change the Internal Links

The process of migration should have taken good care of transferring all your contents from Joomla to WordPress if the migration process went on smoothly.


You will always be faced with many options whenever you start looking at what is present in terms of WordPress themes and plugins.  Hence, if you are looking for a great process of converting Joomla Website to WordPress, the procedure above will guarantee you the best possible results.

Author Bio:

Jason is an experienced WordPress developer with over 5 years of experience. He has achieved a great success in delivering projects in Joomla to WordPress conversion and PSD to WordPress conversion. Get in touch with him now for any assistance regarding WordPress development.


mydesignshop.co.il The studio provides a full and comprehensive design solution

mydesignshop.co.il The studio provides a full and comprehensive design solution

mydesignshop.co.il Design Shop is a branding and design workshop specializing in designing print and Internet products.
Working as an independent studio since 2005, the studio supplies design solutions in different media for private costumers, companies, institutions and small businesses.
mydesignshop.co.il Designed by Dan Michman graphic designer, and Supported by artbit.co.il, Yoav ‘Joe’ Raveh and Moni Horovitz with WordPress Coder Lamvt – Joomquery.com
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D4J Sticky Panel Joomla Plugin

# Sticky

Sticky is a jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to make any element on your page always stay visible.
## Sticky in brief

This is how it works:
– When the target element is about to be hidden, the plugin will add the class `className` to it (and to a wrapper added as its parent), set it to `position: fixed` and calculate its new `top`, based on the element’s height, the page height and the `topSpacing` and `bottomSpacing` options.

– That’s it. In some cases you might need to set a fixed width to your element when it is “sticked”. Check the `example-*.html` files for some examples.
## Usage
– Include jQuery & Sticky.

– Call Sticky.

Joomla! 2.5.x, Joomla! 3.x

Support: http://www.JoomQuery.com/contact-us

Copyright 2014 JoomQuery.com.

Download http://joomquery.com/upload/plg_d4jstickypanel.zip



How to installation D4J woocommerce featured products for WordPress?

How to installation D4J woocommerce featured products for WordPress?

D4J Woocommerce featured products is great plugin to show your products by Categories. If you want to display more Products in home page, woocommerce featured products will help you to show its.


–           In your Dashboard click to add new plugin as normal WordPress plugin installation in your search type “woocommerce featured products” and find woocommerce featured products plugin
Or you can download plugin from http://joomquery.com/ and then installation by Upload file
Or use your file manager or FTP to Upload the plugin to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

–           Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

–          Enable plugin


Okay, In the Appearance => Widgets you can see Widget D4J Featured Products. Drag it to your Widget (left, main…) which you want to show (I select main widget)


Then, you can see more options to show: title, category, style…

–          Title: Title of your Products

–          Category: your category which you want to show

–          Number of products to show: How many products do you want to show

–          Style: default or your style

–          Save and see it in your home page



Want to see DEMO??





Support:  http://joomquery.com/contact-us/




Huy Vu Oil Painting – Huy Vu Art – tranh son dau Huy Vu

Nice paintings are always art works in the collection of painting lovers and to decorate your house. They are also important factors to create the balance of interior spaces and make your spaces more perfectly beautiful. To help customers to own the nicest and finest oil paintings, Huy Vu Art is established with a team of talent and experienced painters.


Huy Vu oil painting uses the oil painting color to create their works with fast colours and hight plasticity. Their completed products are brilliant, nice and long-lasting over the time. In addition, many new and unique paintings are found in Huy Vu Art, improving the aestheticism and creating diversity for different spaces such as in living-rooms, bed rooms, office …These products make your spaces more preferably and proves that you are expert in the art.

Huy Vu Art owns a team of young staff, talent artists, creative architects who can meet high requirements of the jobs in addition to experienced and customer-driven consultants, painting experts and architects. They contribute to the inspiration of love for the art and beauty of Vietnamese people as well as introduce the nice images of Vietnam to the world with a deep pride in the fatherland.

We have designed our official website to help you rapidly and conveniently access at www.tranhsondauviet.com  to get more information on the art and architecture. We pursue the motto “Your’s Creative Space” with our best efforts to improve the ability to take care customers.

To ensure the quality of each production, Huy Vu Art has provided free transportation and installation for every family in the inner city and 1-year warranty. Besides, we also support the transportation to orther provinces to meet demand of all customers across the country. Especially, the types of oil and landscape paintings of Huy Vu Art are sold at affordable prices.

For more information, contact to: 

Huy Vu Oil Painting – Huy Vu Art

Office: 129, Alley 33, Van Cao street, Lieu Giai ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

Tel: 0936383812 – Hotline: 0989 38 38 12

Email: tranhsondauhuyvu@gmail.com

Website: www.tranhsondauviet.com

Huy Vu Art, honor to be served you!



How to fix – White screen when updating from Joomla 3.1 to 3.2.x and joomla 3.3.x

When using the automatic Joomla updater feature when updating from Joomla 3.1 to 3.2.x or joomla 3.3.x.
How to fix it? this solution for you to solved blank page when you are upgrading joomla 3.1.5 (3.1.x) to joomla 3.2.x or 3.3.x

1. Login to your FTP or file manager and go to you joomla folders/
Go to folder named libraries, and then go to legacy folder and Rename folder called: component to component_renamed
2. and now login to your joomla administrator, click refresh page.
go to your website frontend and refresh page, you will see it working. but still have some problem with your administrator
errors warning about postinstall_messages  postinstall_messages doesn’t exist SQL=SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM postinstall_messages
3. Fix administrator errors
To resolve the issue, go to:
a) Extensions
b) Extension Manager
c) Database
d.Click to FIX button

e) Extensions
f) Extension Manager
g) Discover
h) Install the components from ther

i. Uninstall anything that is Akeeba Related – plugins, modules, components – all of them.
k. Uninstall FOF Library (Extensions-> Manage-> Filter by FOF), but NOT the one with id 105. The one to uninstall is actually with ID 10000+ something.
l. Re-upload the following folder from the Joomla! package: libraries/fof into your site.


What They Are Not Telling You about Setting up Your Own Online Store


These days having your own website is necessary. In fact, almost all retail stores have their online websites that they use to promote their online and realtime business. The website ensures direct-to-customer sales and it allows the company to create a distinct online reputation for itself. However, you know that not all websites are popular and some fall by the roadside completely unnoticed. All these companies set up websites expecting them to become successful. Some become popular while others don’t. That means that the successful website did something different that made it out among so many other similar websites online. For new business owners this can be very important. Small business owners who are wonderinghow to create an online storeneed to learn the tricks of the trade and the following tips should help you do just that.

Choose Your System Carefully

It’s easy to choose free systems that promise the world but it’s a far better idea touse well-known sale solutionsthat can make stunning shops in a few simple clicks. There are several such turnkey solutions online and most of them will include a basic shopping cart, content management system, plug-in options, etc.

These systems are the best as they are made with state-of-the-art software and can integrate into any kind of website. Some of these turnkey solutions also contain several thousand themes, colors, designs and backgrounds that you can choose for your website.

Simplify the Website

Having the best technology on your website is attractive but it’s not what you want or need. Customers come to your website to find your products and because they want to shop. As a result, tone down the tech features on your websites and simplify the navigation. Its easy for website designers to get carried away and fit your website with the latest jing-bang in technology.

However, these same features can slow down your website and they can even make the customer search for common navigational features like PAGES, CATEGORIES, etc. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you use the simplest navigation and tech features on your website. If you are still not convinced, look at Craigslist. This simple classified website has the simplest website online but it is one of the premier go-to websites for any classified ads in the world. This is because the website is simple but it fulfills its functions of being fast, simple and easy to use.

Be Distinctive but Corner the Market

It can be difficult to understand how this works but competitor websites are popular for a reason. Take the time to evaluate these websites and find out exactly what they are offering. Add these features to your website so that your website looks just as good as your competitor’s website. However, this may rebound on you by reducing your business. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to make your website distinctive but competitive with all websites in the same field.

Reach Out To Customers

It is not enough to sell through a website says Forbes. You have to reach out to customersthrough direct ads,indirect mailer campaigns, and other methods to ensure that your website remains in their minds. For example, websites like Cosmopolitan reach out to customers through direct mailers, contests, their social media accounts, newsletters and so on. This type of direct contact also builds an online brand reputation for the company. Customers are happy to interact with their favorite websites and more often than not, they are rewarded in the form of coupons, discount deals, promos, etc. This type of two-way interaction can really make a website popular with the masses.

Listen to Customers

Your customers are your best feedback says Prostores. If they don’t like something about your website, they will let you know and you should listen to these voices. Don’t underestimate internet voices as it takes just a second for a sarcastic meme, comment or even video to go viral all over the world. If you really want to know your customer’s opinions, set up a contest and encourage customers to write in. This should give you a good idea about what is good and bad about your website. You can then implement these changes right away. Most people will have one or two negative views but if the vast majority of customers have negative views about your website, its time for a revamp.

The best thing is that the internet has thousands of resources from all over the world. Most of those resources can help you put up your website quickly and efficiently for the least amount of time and money. All you have to do is search online for effective tools, use them effectively, stick to the basics for sales, and ensure that your website is perfect for your particular needs. The rest will manage itself.


25 Best Free Prestashop Themes for Ecommerce Website 2014 collection

25 Best Free Prestashop Themes for Ecommerce Website

Prestashop is one of  great ecommerce cms. It is perfect for inexperienced users who want to create attractive and dynamic ecommerce website. It Is great application, but good free themes are pretty hard to find. Today I would like to share 25 best free prestashop themes for ecommerce website. I hope you like them!

Leo SportShoes Prestashop Theme

Leo Sport Shoes is a free theme for your Prestashop Store. It will be a great solution for online Fashion Shop, Shoes Shop, clothes Shop, Bags Store. This layout of Leo Sport Prestashop Theme is bright and strict at the same time which makes a proper effect on customer. Template design accentuate the refined style of goods sold.



Leo TShirt – free Responsive Prestashop Theme

Leo Hitech is a free prestashop theme – It will be a great solution for online Hitech Shop, Computer Shop, mobile Shop. Leo Hitech Prestashop Theme has bright layout and strict layout at the same time which makes a proper effect on customer.



VelvetSky  FREE Prestashop Theme

Glamour is an impression that shown from Velvet Sky theme. This is a challenge for us in visualizing something that defines a reflection of luxury. Overview of the Beauty, Life, and Pleasure. Velvet Sky, become an e-commerce theme that provides an atmosphere full of charm.



Leo Converse Prestashop Theme

Leo Converse is a free Responsive theme for your Prestashop 1.5.x. It will be a great solution for online Fashion Shop, Shoes Shop, clothes Shop, Bags Store.



Clothes Theme

Clothes theme name explains it all, simple, elegant and easy to use. Card, categories and manufacturers modules are available on the sidebar including the featured image the homepage.



Wine Store – Responsive PrestaShop Theme

This responsive PrestaShop free sample was created to ruin your last doubts and simplify your future work as you get a perfect possibility to practise it before starting your project online.


Bike Store Prestashop Theme





OT Jewelry – Jewelry online store Prestashop theme Free

FREE PRESTASHOP THEME – OT Jewelry is now available for Prestashop with its clean design and a lot of features. It is designed for any jewelry online store and but you can use it for any type of web-store to start your business fast but FREE.

100% tableless CSS, with changeable width of theme, theme column layout.
Full site demos package is available with both single purchase or membership plan.
Modules included
Validates with XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
PSD file included.
Tested in IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.
Prestashop 1.4
Clean and well comments in CSS and PHP code